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Now even more simplified!

Hooray for having the time to look back on our plans and eliminate the crazy!  There have been quite a few adjustments to our shopping list, mostly to save time, but also to save some money.  We want to be … Continue reading

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+ + paint and lettering + + = centerpieces with table names. We’re going with the titles of classic maritime/nautical literature, to be painted on the books, which will be color coded to the seating cards.  It really ties in … Continue reading

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place setting

By now you all probably know that Matt and I are self-catering the wedding.  We’re planning lots of summer salads and grilled vegetables, with optional carnivorous protein additions (smoked salmon, crayfish, crab cakes, grilled chicken, etc) to account for the … Continue reading

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creating an atmosphere

is pretty difficult.  Especially when you want to have a feeling, an aesthetic, a vibe that runs complimentary to your vision for the big day.  Many things we’ve got on our list are seemingly contradictory, but I’m always finding bits … Continue reading

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bum ruffles

I have decided I want bum ruffles on my wedding dress. On the way home from Portland today, I got bored and started actually reading the Martha Stewart Weddings issue I picked up for road reading.  I found great bum … Continue reading

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a slight adjustment

You may have noticed that the title of this blog has changed slightly.  Matt and I, having explored heraldic symbolism and our own imaginations, have decided that while “The Knot and Anchor” sounds cool, it didn’t quite work for us. … Continue reading

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Rope ain’t cheap

We visited West Marine yesterday to check out the rope for possible decorations….it’s not cheap.  There were really cool patterns and weaves, but to cover the whole site would cost more than our venue rental. We’re still looking around for … Continue reading

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We are sick in the head

Ginger and I have been talking and brainstorming today, and it’s gone something like this: Man, caterers are expensive.  How can we reduce the cost of paying for caterers? We don’t need caterers to supply dishes, flatware, napkins or linen. … Continue reading

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