Exhaustion and elation….

Dear friends,

Our countdown says we have just 5 short days left until the big day.  So much time and energy and sweat (and blood!) have gone into making our wedding a fantastic celebration of the joining of our families.  It’s been hard to find time to post about the processes and details of everything, but as soon as we have photos of the day, we’ll post them here and I’ll take a poll of which DIY projects to post tutorials about.

The good news: we’re 99% done with our preparations!  The less good news: well, there’s not much else we’re thinking about right now, so we’re a little one-dimensional at the moment, and have been for a while.  We promise to get back to socializing and entertaining after the wedding and after we get back from our month-long honeymoon.  We’ve already started receiving lots of gifts to help make entertaining more fun and elegant, so we’ll slowly be working through our guest list this fall and winter, inviting friends and family for dinners to reconnect.

As I sit here yawning from lack of sleep, and trying to caffeinate myself so I can at least pretend I’m not as exhausted as I am, I’ve been trying to find a last photo to post before the wedding.  I Googled “wedding exhaustion” and found countless articles about “post-wedding depression” and the phenomenon of the newlywed bride becoming viciously jealous of newly engaged friends – as if their weddings will be better than their own.  This hadn’t ever occurred to me.  We have a handful of weddings to attend over the next 6 months (one actually during our honeymoon, and one the weekend after we get back!) and all I can think of is how grateful I am to be included as a guest and that I haven’t had to make any of their decorations!  I think having gone through this whole process has made me more sympathetic to brides and weddings in general: I will seek out and praise those details that are long-debated and oft-overlooked, I will offer what help I can give that won’t further stress out the couple, and I will dance like I’ve never danced before, because these things are huge personal projects that would only be undertaken if the couple loved each other so much that 12-18 months (or more!) of planning and shopping and crafting and bickering couldn’t break their devotion.  And that’s a big deal.

So…..I humbly thank everyone who has helped us, offered help or support, who will be joining us on Saturday, and those who can’t make it and will be missed.  It might not feel like a big deal to be invited to or attend a wedding, but it’s a big deal to those who sent you save-the-dates, invitations, made out your seating card, and made sure the crust on the salmon was wheat- and gluten-free.  It’s done out of love, not obligation, and it’s proof that you are very important people.

Every time I feel overwhelmed about what’s left to do, and if everything will run smoothly, I think about every single face I’ll be seeing in the audience on Saturday afternoon and I know that everything is going to be perfect in its own way.

I can’t wait to see you all!  Who’s ready to party?  I know I am!



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