Wedding Guest alert!!!

Hi!  If you are planning to come to our wedding, please read this!

This is a reminder to all wedding guests that summer ferry lines are not very fun. Especially when you have to be somewhere on time!  Please plan your trip to Freeland with several hours of time to spare, or just plan to drive around via Anacortes.  Worst case scenario is that you arrive early and get to explore the cute towns on the island.  Our suggestion, if you plan to come on Saturday, is to try to get on an early morning ferry and plan for breakfast/brunch/lunch on the island. We can highly recommend the Useless Bay Coffee Company on 2nd Street in Langley, and the farmer’s market at Bayview Corner.

More info on ferries, driving directions, etc:

Info on things to do, places to eat:

Info on Bayview Corner:

Also – if you want to stay on Whidbey Island and you don’t have reservations yet, get them now.  It’s becoming very difficult to find openings near the wedding venue, so make some calls soon!  Thanks so much!  We’re excited to celebrate with you!

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