Loose ends

It’s been a busy summer already and we’re only a few weeks in! Much of it has been spent tying up the loose ends of our long To Do list, with the help of MANY friends and family members.  I am humbled by the generosity and tenacity of those who have offered help so far….you all are amazing!

Here’s what we have managed to do (with help) just during this past week:

Hair clips - seersucker and bleached peacock feathers

  • Obtained a chest freezer (to allow us to start prepping for the food!) – Thanks Mom & Dad for the loan of it!
  • Finished making embossed Tyvek flags to waive in lieu of rice/birdseed
  • Finished the corsage pins for the mothers of the bride and groom
  • Finished the medals for the fathers of the bride and groom, and medals for the groomsmen
  • Finished hair clips for the bridesmaids, groomswoman, and “flower girl”
  • Made a bow belt for the groomswoman
  • Made a Velcro bow tie for the “ring bearer”
  • Finished the prep work for the wooden sailboat kit favors
  • Bought 150 schnapps glasses from IKEA
  • Had a fitting of my wedding dress (so pretty, Ingrid!)
  • Ingrid also did a dry run of my hair style for the day!
  • Finished building the corn hole boards and started painting them
  • Worked on painting the book centerpieces for the reception tables
  • Decided on a table assignment card display and obtained supplies to make it
  • Decided on a photo booth backdrop and obtained supplies to make it
  • Finished 200 napkin-flatware bundles (you are awesome Grammy and MaryAnn!)
  • Finished dresses and shorts for our 2 nieces and 2 nephews (AMAZING, Drew!)
  • Made a tasseled rope for the handfasting part of the ceremony
  • Finished hemming the buffet tablecloths and banners made from the scraps (5 @ 9′ each in heavy canvas)
  • Finished hemming the sails we made for our ceremony backdrop (2@ 15′ each in heavy canvas)
  • Purchased all sorts of goodies for the kids’ activity bags
  • Laminated old dictionary pages for the indoor flag bunting (all we have to do now is string it!)
  • Received the outdoor bunting flags we’d ordered
  • Purchased lanterns and risers for the buffet centerpieces
  • Purchased a “pond” to float the sailboat favors on
  • Made salt and pepper shakers from mini Bonne Maman jars
  • Plus some more I’m sure that I can’t remember….

Phew!  That’s even more than I’d realized when I started writing this! Thanks to Katie, Audrey, Ingrid, and Shelley for all your help this weekend!  Thanks again to Drew, MaryAnn, Bob, Leona, Hal, and Debra, too!

Sail and Anchor

This weekend will be packed with projects again, I’m sure.  My goals are to:

  1. Get the escort card display done
  2. Start the photo booth backdrop
  3. Finish the centerpiece books
  4. Paint our emblem on the sails for the ceremony background
  5. Finish painting and sealing the cornhole boards and add handles
  6. String the flag bunting

If we manage to do more than that, I’ll be floored.  I’m really hoping that we have all of the decor completely done by my bachelorette party, which is July 29.  We’ll be working on what food prep we can during the rest of the month as well, so it’s sure to be a busy last 5 weeks.  The end is in sight, though, and both Matt and I are getting excited!


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