Bowties = done!

Yesterday, all I wanted to do was cross a big item off the ever shrinking to do list.  It took about 8 hours, but I have finished all 5 bowties for Matt and his groomsmen.  I’ll be making a bow tie belt for his groomswoman, but it’ll be a fake bow tie, not like the real-tying versions I made for the boys.

I made adjustable ties, mostly relying on this tutorial from the blog Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business.  The pattern to start with is from Martha Stewart, where there is a tutorial for a non-adjustable version.  ECAB suggests adding one inch to the short side of the pattern and 5 inches to the long side, but when I compared that to one of Matt’s adjustable bowties that I picked up at Century 21 in NYC (the one across from Ground Zero), it was way too short.  So I suggest adding another 2-3 inches to the short side, just so you can be sure it’ll fit most necks.

Hooray for seersucker!  Matt’s tie is the one in the middle – he picked out the fabric himself.  It incorporates all of our wedding colors, but with slightly shifted hues.

Matt also finished the belts for the groomsmen (cotton webbing with pewter slide buckles) and is nearly finished with the medals that all the men in the wedding party will wear.  Progress!  I think we ended up crossing off about 5 line items yesterday!

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3 Responses to Bowties = done!

  1. Erin says:

    Yay productivity!! 🙂

  2. Lindsey says:

    Is there anyway you can send me pics of the bow tie closer up so I can understand the adjustable part??? I would greatly appreciate!!!!!!!!!

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