Broken record

Yep, things are still chugging along (how many posts have I opened with that exact line?)….we have 2 months, 1 week and 5 days until the wedding.  So, effectively 10 weeks. Meaning 10 weekends left to work on all of our projects.  Wow.  That puts it into perspective! We are, of course, working on things during the work week as well, but the weekends allow us to finish more all at once.

Last week I made a final spread sheet of all of the things we have left to do.  It’s pretty long, but I think it’s doable.  I’ve color coded it by the ability to delegate tasks.

It goes down to line 89.  Only 20 items are totally done and crossed off, but 90% of the rest are VERY close to being done.  Like, making sure we have pens and paper for the “message in a bottle” guest book.  Easy as pie. Which reminds me, none of the items on this list are related to the food.  That’s a whole other spreadsheet.

One notable thing that got done over the holiday weekend was shopping for my wedding day makeup!  My friend, Brigette Heckard, is a makeup maven and aesthetician who works for Chanel at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom.  I met up with her yesterday at Nordstrom to find the makeup that would make me picture perfect.  My inspiration for my look comes from the cover of a magazine:

The lovely miss Adele Adkins and I have similar fair coloring with a peachy undertone.  I love how natural and pretty her makeup looks, while also bringing the drama with some incredible false eyelashes.

I was pretty overwhelmed by all of the options and how expensive much of it all was.  I’m typically a wash n’ wear kind of girl, and I own just the minimal amount of makeup that I’ve picked up at Target or Fred Meyer, though I’m currently on a nail polish kick and have bought about 10 new colors this year.  Needing an expert on real makeup, I turned to Brigette to find the best stuff for my coloring and skin. She’ll be applying my makeup on the big day, so I wanted to be sure I had good stuff to work with.

I ended up mostly shopping at the M.A.C. counter, where I bought lashes, lash glue, two shades of eyeshadow, blush, lip stain (which I’ve been wearing for two days and am obsessed with), eyeliner, and mascara.  I found powder and concealer at Smashbox, which was recommended by Brigette because the powder does not contain talc (which can cause major irritation), and the concealer blends VERY well while giving good coverage without dulling my freckles too much.

I hadn’t really given much thought to department store makeup before.  I used to go to the Clinique counter in high school for face wash, and bought a Lancôme lip gloss once (and promptly lost it on the soccer bus a few weeks later).  I wondered if there really was much of a difference between the drug store makeup and the stuff at Nordstrom.  Well, there is.  I am now a convert.  I wore just a tiny bit of the makeup I bought to work today and I’ve had compliments from everyone.


And finally, I have an update on our wedding party.  One of the bridesmaids, Danya, is embarking for Los Angeles in a couple of weeks to train for Teach For America.  This is an exciting and incredible opportunity, but it’s one that doesn’t guarantee her ability to participate in the wedding.  Together, we decided that it would be for the best if she step down from bouquet duty and let another girl stand up with me.  She’ll hopefully be able to attend the wedding as a guest, school placement permitting, but it has removed a lot of stress and uncertainty for both of us.

My friend Nora Atkinson, who I met in grad school at UW, will be stepping up and acting as my 5th bridesmaid.  Matt and I have decided to have our wedding party line up in the order in which we met them, since we have decided not to have a best man or maid of honor.  Everyone up there has a place of honor in our hearts, so this is the fairest way we could think to arrange it.

Last but not least, we’ll be having an open craft day this Sunday starting at noon if anyone wants to help us cross more off our list!  You’ll be fed, and will receive our undying gratitude!





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