Registering for gifts is hard.

But we’ve done it.  And until now, we’ve done it rather poorly.

This morning I went back over ALL of our registry lists, updated the registry page on this website, and either added or eliminated many things from every list.  This may be an ongoing process, but we will stop this process by July 1, so we don’t annoy you with too many changes!

We have actually registered for this...

Turns out we need more than we thought.  Maybe not more, but there are certain things that we’ve been living with that could really stand an upgrade.  Like our flaking Teflon cookware!  Eeek!  NOT GOOD.  I’ve pulled it all out of commission, but now we have no pots and pans, save for our restaurant-ware baking sheets and a few cast iron pieces, and a big skillet we picked up at Fred Meyer.

I apologize for giving such crappy gift suggestions before.  We really didn’t put much out there.  Still, I’d like to reiterate that if you are uninspired by our registry choices, BY ALL MEANS use your imagination and pick something out that 1. We might really like, based on your knowledge of us, but for whatever reason we didn’t register for, 2. Have and use yourself, and want to enlighten us about its awesomeness, and/or 3. Makes you happy to give.

And again, if you don’t feel like gifting, don’t worry about it!  Just your presence is enough to make our day!

THANK YOU! Gracias! Merci beaucoup! Kiitos! Domo arigato! Dziekuje!

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