Dapper groomsmen

I remember promising months ago to explain and show what our groomsmen will be wearing, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Perhaps because I’ve spent the past few days replacing the buttons on our groomsmen’s vests, I’m in the mindset to lay it all out.

Originally, we’d wanted our groomsmen in all khaki, like these guys:

Well, khaki vests are expensive and hard to find.  I lucked out and found some “cater-waiter” vests for $17 from a Brooklyn uniform company, Six Star Uniforms:

They are a bit lighter in color than this photo shows, and they look pretty nice, despite their polyester construction.  Yes, those are gold plastic buttons, and yes, I’m replacing them.  I’ve got two of the four vests completed (I’m assuming Matt’s sister Kaity will be wearing a dress instead of a girl version of this outfit), which takes about 40 minutes per vest.  These are similar to the buttons I used:

Matt and I had purchased a sample vest to be sure it would look good on our guys (checking for quality, aesthetics, and accuracy of fit), and went to Macy’s one weekend to see what shade of khakis would work with it.  Turns out, different shades of khaki clash big time.  We couldn’t find a pair of Dockers that would work with this particular shade of tan, so we decided to change it up a bit and go with navy.  No clashing, just classic contrast.

Click to buy these for $30 from Dave's New York

Our guys will then wear long-sleeved white button down shirts, with the cuffs rolled up, and seersucker bowties in our wedding colors:

Plus matching socks from We Love Colors (they’re offered in 51 colors!) and natural canvas sneakers, like Keds, Converse, or whatever they can find:



I’m leaning toward the Converse Jack Purcells for Matt (and whoever wants to jump on the bandwagon) because they’re a little classier than Chuck Taylors, and they have a cute navy stripe on the toe.  Matt’s thinking he might wear navy ones, since his outfit will be a little different than the rest of the guys.

Rounding out the outfit will be little drop medals made with their seersucker and antique silver finish anchors:

So….something along these lines now, with medals instead of boutonnieres.


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