Cutting the cord


I’m kind of giddy.  I feel a little untethered.  But it’s a fantastic feeling.  No more planning – just doing.

I’d always planned to be free of the wedding blogs soon….I think my deadline was in a month.  But it just felt right today, at that very moment.  Why today?  Because over the weekend, the last bits of important decisions (minus making playlists and 100% finalizing the menu) are done.  It’s time to implement them, to finish up projects, and get things crossed completely off the list!

A few of the big decisions we made over the last week:

  • My makeup and hairstyle
  • The backdrop design for our “photo booth”
  • Child attendant outfits
  • Final decorations
  • Matt’s outfit
It doesn’t look like a lot right here, but there’s lots going on – craft projects and shopping for details like undergarments, makeup, and shoes for Matt.  We’ve got 15 weekends before the wedding, and they’re all going to be important to make sure things get done.
Stay tuned for help requests!  We’re going to need it!
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