more thoughts on flower girl dresses

In my Google Reader this morning, there was a post from Once Wed on unique flower girl dresses.  They posted a sweet little seersucker dress from Ralph Lauren (which sells for $55 at Saks) which had me thinking more about the fabric I will use for Natalie and Teagan’s dresses, as well as the outfits for Steven and Gavin.

I think seersucker will work great for these outfits, and a navy/white seersucker would be perfect!

I really like this deep navy/white stripe from for about $6/yard:

{click to see the fabric @ the store page}

They also have a dark royal/white gingham seersucker for about $8/yard!  It’s cute, but not quite what we’re going for.  I think I’ll go with the dark navy stripe for both the main parts of the dresses as well as the boys’ shorts.  I’ve found some cute white cotton ruffle trim at JoAnn’s for the hems of the dresses, and I think I’ll make a contrasting color sash for each girl – maybe yellow?  That was super cute on the inspiration dress! I think a bow in the back would be adorable!

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3 Responses to more thoughts on flower girl dresses

  1. Drew Joseph says:

    Oh, I like the stripes much better than the checked seersucker. Let me know if you need some cross country sewing – I love making little girls dresses for my friend’s kids, and I just got a serger for my birthday.

    • Ginger says:

      You know, I think I’m going to take you up on that. I’m finally realizing that delegating is a good thing. =)

      What will you need from me to work on these? I can get measurements for the older girl next weekend, and Matt will email and get current measurements for the younger girl. Are you at all interested in making a couple of pairs of simple boys shorts out of the same fabric? I can get measurements for those boys by next week as well.

      I can order a few yards of the fabric, get some of the ruffle trim, and send it to you when I have all the (projected for August) measurements. What do you charge for your time?

      Thanks so much for offering to do this, Drew! =)

      • Drew Joseph says:

        Measurements would be perfect, and you’ll just need to let me know how long you want the dresses to be. I can also do a different pattern, if you want. I can also do shorts, as long as they’re ok with elastic waists (at least in the back – I can do flat fronts). Again, just let me know how long they need to be, etc. If you want a slightly more fitted dress, but with a very similar shape, check this one out: – which you can always do with a contrasting neckline. And hey, no charge – my wedding gift to you both!

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