The Main Mane Revisited

Apparently the most popular post on this blog is the one in which I talk about my hair: The Main Mane.  This was written WAY back in September 2009, when I had only been engaged for a few weeks.  Surprisingly, my ideas for how to wear my hair on August 13 haven’t changed much!  Here’s the current state of my mane:

This morning's office headshot...

I still haven’t significantly cut my hair, despite my horrendous split ends (gotta do something about that soon!) so it’s definitely in the “long” category now.  Down to the bottom of my bra – so middle of my back?  The length has weighed down the curling a bit, but it is decidedly wavy, fine textured, and there’s a lot of it.  I tend to lighten the color as the days get warmer in the spring, so it’s now an easy shade of light auburn – one that looks pretty natural to my coloring, since it matches my freckles.

I get compliments on my hair all the time.  I don’t think I’ve gone a week without one since I started growing my hair out, and I got them pretty regularly when my hair was short, too.  It will definitely be shown off at the wedding, but in an up-d0.  Though a half-up/half-down style was suggested and considered, I think there’s a few good reasons I should have my hair worn up:

  1. It’s going to be the middle of August, and likely in the 70s or 80s in temperature.  Heaven forbid, it might even be in the 90s!  My hair acts like fiberglass insulation of my neck and upper chest.  On a hot day, I can go from miserable to comfortable just by putting it in a pony tail.  No one likes a sweaty bride, so I think for temperature control,  up will be best.
  2. My dress features pearl beading on the shoulders.  My hair catches and tangles in everything, and if it’s worn down, there will be a high probability for aesthetic and physical mishaps.
  3. To show off the dress.  There’s going to be a spectacular bodice and waist-piece on that gown, and I’ll be damned if people will be too distracted by these amber waves to check out the awesome handiwork of my dressmaker, Ingrid!
  4. Because I never do anything with my hair, other than to put it in a chignon, a ponytail, or a simple braid.  I’m impressed that I finally taught myself to braid my own hair.  Those heidi braids I do occasionally are as fancy as I get on a daily basis.  I want to do something special and different, and fancy up-dos are where it’s at.

So….here’s my criteria for choosing my wedding hairstyle:

  • I’m currently planning to wear a fascinator and short birdcagey veil (which I will make, of course), so my hairstyle will have to accommodate that.
  • I’d like to have braiding included – messy braids over super sleek ones.
  • Hopefully it’ll still look like me when it’s done – meaning not too fancy or polished, and not too OTT bridal.

Below are a few of my favorite inspiration photos for my current vision of hair perfection.

This has a little tail, but I think I could either coil that up into a bun, or it might work as is.

Not sure how the back looks, but this might be a way to incorporate little braids into an otherwise braid-free style.

Hard to see on her dark hair, but this style is pretty and elegant.

Evangeline Lilly gives good hair...

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2 Responses to The Main Mane Revisited

  1. Erin says:

    4 & 9 (last) are my favorites 🙂 Simple, elegant (without being OTT wedding), & swept-up out of the way of your beautiful face 🙂

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