Another cheap and AWESOME decor idea….

Just saw this today on Once Wed: PAPER BIRDS on STRINGS!

If you haven’t noticed, Matt and I love our birds.  We even have a separate blog devoted to birdwatching and Matt’s bird photography.  Check it out: Urbaniformes.  We’re pretty slow to update it, but there’s a big backlog of awesome bird photos that Matt’s taken over the last six months, since we really started to get into birding.  I update our life list as I identify new birds, and my goal for the year was 100 – we’re already up to 64 after this weekend’s neighborhood hummingbird ID.  We’ll have a post about that soon, but back to business…

I can see us making some of these with more of a gull shape than a dove shape, to keep us on theme. These could be used along with the rope decor (which we are definitely going to use – over the weekend, I asked my dad to look in his tool shed for some hemp rope for us to drape). They look super easy to make, and might be something I can finally use my Silhouette machine to cut out! Or we could make them on another Crafternoon….I’ll put you to work and serve margaritas!

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