possible new decor decisions

At this point, only 4 months and 5 days until the big day, we’ve got all of the major decisions made about the theme, colors, feeling, and style of the wedding.  Having those big decisions locked in has helped us to make the hundreds of decisions necessary to choose the details, like our canvas tablecloths, our centerpieces, the fact that we want a photo booth, the fact that we don’t want a traditional guest book…. The decisions have been endless.

Still, while I feel like we’re about 90% locked into what we’ve decided, there are still a few things up in the air, like the backdrop for that photobooth, and whether we want any further decoration in the hall.  Right now, the only decor we have planned besides what is on the table are 5 strings of colored cotton bunting flags that cross the width of the room on the cables that both hold the white fairy lights and keep the 100+ year old building from collapsing (as you can see in the photo below).

So, despite the fact that I’m really starting to get sick of my little “Weddings” Google Reader category, what with its 20 blogs and up to 50 posts per day, I still read through it each day for inspiration.  I’m really ready to be done with the idea gathering.  Honestly, I’ve started migrating my interest to the “Babies” category for the last several weeks, mostly because planning a nursery sounds a lot more fun right now than planning the last 10% of the wedding.  But, as I’ve said before, the best part of the planning and implementation process is the simplifying.  And I can still find ways to simplify things that we haven’t ordered yet!

Today’s epiphany:  rope decor. This “Holiday at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel” wedding is from the blog Green Wedding Shoes.  I’ve “starred” no less than 80 of their posts since January 1 last year.  It’s a good blog to peruse.

How did we not think of this before?  This is brilliant, on theme, possibly thrifty (though, as I have also said before, real sailing rope can be pretty spendy), and looks fantastic.  I can see us using this for the backdrop of our photobooth, or as swags along the walls in the room and along the stage, and maybe incorporate it into our nautical chuppah-altar-thing.

Granted, this decor was not put in by the bride and groom – it was the already-serendipitously-there holiday decor done by the hotel staff – but even something simple and slightly resembling it would be an awesome addition to our decor.  Now all we need is cheap rope!

I also like how they used those little $1.50 wooden letters you find at Jo-Ann’s in a cute (but functional!) way. I’ve been eyeing them for months now, wanting to use them in some way, and now I’m inspired! Somehow this couple was able to create a nautical feeling in the middle of the desert, so this stuff is pretty effective!

I’m giving myself a deadline though.  Since I had originally wanted to have all of the decor and favor projects done by Memorial Day weekend (effectively May 30), I think it is fair to say that I need to stop reading wedding blogs on that day as well.  I will unsubscribe to the whole lot, and prevent any further decor changes, supply ordering, or regrets for not thinking of something spotted on another blog.  Come May 31, I’ll be into final food mode and can’t be thinking of anything else, except maybe my dress.  And the occasional “future nursery” inspiration….

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