The fabric flowers for the bouquets are DONE!

Red Poppies

Golden Ranunculus

Blue Morning Glories

Creamy Magnolias

All of the flowers were made by hand by me and some lovely ladies: Thank you so much for all your help, Audrey, Erin, Ingrid, and Amy!!! They are all made from polyester fabrics (melted at the edges with a candle), then assembled with floral wire, buttons, and some have “silk” haberdashery leaves.  To add a little whimsy into the mix, I also made black fiddleheads out of paper wrapped wire.

All that’s needed now is to assemble them into the bouquets, which I’ll likely do this week.  I’ve made a prototype, and I think it just might work!   Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Arthur’s favorites were the poppies….

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One Response to Flowers!

  1. vsheaffer says:

    They look so great! Can’t wait to see the bouquets assembled!

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