Flower girl dresses

I’ve finally picked out what I’m going to make for the “flower girl” dresses!  Matt’s niece Teagan will be our girl in Massachusetts (she’ll be a little over 2 years old in September, but won’t be able to make it to the wedding), and my niece Natalie (just over 5 years old in August!) will be our girl in Washington.  She won’t be coming to MA with her family because she’ll be starting kindergarten a few weeks before the reception!

Here’s the tutorial from awesome blog Freshly Picked: Simple Summer Dress. Susan says that it can be made in about an hour!

I’m not 100% sure what fabric I’ll be using for the dresses – these stripes are adorable – but the design and instructions are so simple, I could see embellishing them to make them a little more sailorish.  Think navy fabric with white topstitching, white ruffles along the hem, white ribbon straps, a white sash (maybe seersucker?) and a couple of white buttons on the bodice…..maybe an ivory color instead of white to keep it rustic?  Maybe we’ll turn the sash around for a bow in the back?

Our nephews Steven and Gavin won’t be left out of the deal either – they’ll be “ring bearers” as well, in Washington and Massachusetts, respectively.  They’re getting comfy shorts, white button-down shirts, bowties, and either vests or suspenders to wear.

What do you think?  Vests or suspenders?









I’m leaning toward suspenders….it’ll be less for me to make.  I also really like the rolled up sleeves on the cutie on the left – that’s how our groomsmen will have their sleeves, too.  I wonder if Steven would tolerate a hat….or breeches and socks?  I really dig that kid’s whole outfit!



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2 Responses to Flower girl dresses

  1. Drew Joseph says:

    I love making little girl dresses – they’re just so cute, and you don’t have to worry about darts, etc. Have you ever seen the Oliver & S patterns? Adorable. Hey, if you need to pawn the dress making on someone else, just let me know!

    Oh, and I vote for suspenders.

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Cool, thanks! Depending on how crazy stressed I am come July, I might take you up on that! I’d heard of Oliver & S patterns, but never looked at them closely. I want to make them all. I especially love the sailboat pants: http://oliverands.com/patterns/pants/patterns8.phtml but I think it’s because I have little sailors on the brain. Thanks for the tip!

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