What’s next….

Last Friday night, I bit the bullet and ordered our place settings.  We’re going with compostables, because we’re doing this all ourselves and don’t want to make any unpaid volunteers wash 200 dishes.  We had, after many discussions, decided on 3 sizes of bamboo plates, plus two sizes of corn-plastic cups, potato-plastic flatware, and patterned napkins.  When I added up all of the costs, it worked out to well over $500 for stuff that we would literally throw away.

So, we made some cuts.  We will now have just the main dinner plate be bamboo, and the dessert and cocktail hour plates will be colored paper – either from IKEA or Display & Costume.  We went with wooden flatware and two sizes of corn-plastic cups (though most of our beverages will be served in recyclable glass bottles), and one size of paper hot cups for coffee and tea (all of which will be from Equal Exchange).  I just received notice that the order just shipped.  Soon we’ll be swimming in place settings and we’ll have to delegate some flatware bundling!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a couple of friends over to help us develop our aquavit recipe.  We put together four different vodka infusions of spices and fruit peels and cucumber.  And they are all way too strong.  We all went a little over the top with the star anise, and should have used more fennel.  Oh well.  It was fun, and we’ll either figure out a good recipe or just order some.  There are a few local distilleries churning it out – one is even just down the hill from our house, in Fremont!

Up next this week:

  • Buying undergarments (I hear Kohl’s is good for non-torture devices.)
  • Getting Matt’s suits tailored (they’re due to arrive any day now)
  • Working on the dress with Ingrid on Friday!!!
  • A Saturday Crafternoon to make fabric flowers!!!! Come over any time 12pm – 6pm and we’ll have refreshments and music!
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2 Responses to What’s next….

  1. Erin says:

    I’d also recommend Macy’s & Nordstrom’s for good foundation undergarments. 😉

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