Progress continues…

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on anything – just that we’ve been too busy to do so!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We finished making and sent our invitations!  All 80 of them!  We’ve gotten 16 responses back so far….a 20% return in a week is pretty good!  Please send yours back as soon as you can, though – it will really help me figure out how many tables, place settings, favors, etc we will need to have!
  • We picked out a suit (on super 70% off sale) for Matt! A dark navy striped seersucker from Jos A. Bank.  He’ll also get a second suit, since their sale is so great, and we have two more weddings to attend within about 6 weeks of ours!

  • We finalized our groomsmen’s attire! Post coming soon about that!
  • My dress form finally arrived.  It looks enormous, but it’s foam, not person, and although it’s hard to wrap my head around, there is a difference.  Ingrid and I will have to perform major surgery on it, though – the breasts start a good 3 inches lower than mine!

  • I bought another pair of shoes.  I know, it’s a sickness.  This time, I had bought a pair just for normal spring wear in navy, loved how they fit and felt, and ended up ordering them in a natural canvas/linen version for the wedding.  I figured I would wear them for just the reception, but I may end up going with them all day!  Maybe I’ll have my little slingbacks for the formal photos?
  • I purchased a corsety boustier thing to wear under the dress – actually I bought two, to be sure on size.  Shopping for that kind of stuff is daunting, so I am glad to have it done.
  • Started brainstorming table layouts.  We’ll be having long tables for the guests and round tables for the buffets!
  • Started prepping the stems/stigmas/stamens for the fabric flowers.  I did the math for them and figured out how many of each flower type each bouquet will have: 3 each of red poppies and creamy magnolias, and 5 each of black fiddleheads, blue morning glories, and yellow ranunculus, plus several shades of green leaves.  My bouquet will be slightly larger than those of the bridesmaids.
  • I also started making the “receptacle” parts for the flowers.  They needed a little bit of something to help hold everything together on the wires, and I couldn’t find enough bead caps to work for about 140 flowers, so I whipped out my trusty Crayola Model Magic – in two shades of green, a couple of shades of brown, and white.  The stuff is super easy to work with, dries overnight, and looks great!

  • I have a long list of things to look for in NYC next week, so stay tuned for a shopping update!More to come as we get closer to the summer!
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2 Responses to Progress continues…

  1. Erin says:

    Glad you finally found shoes! Have “fun” with the corset, I wore one for my wedding & it was uncomfortable & inhibited eating. Also, I recommend skipping the garter & stockings. They make peeing impossible without disassembling the whole contraption 😦 I’m not trying to scare you! Just sharing my experience 🙂 Make sure to keep comfort at the forefront of your mind. Your future wedding-day self will thank you 🙂

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Yeah, I won’t be doing the garter/stockings thing. I can’t see wearing stockings in August. I have thought about the comfort factor with the corset thing, and it’s really not too corsety, according to the reviews – more like a well-structured longline bra. If I hate it, I’ll send it back and find something less constricting, because I am *so* eating at this wedding. I’m making the food, so I better get to eat – no walking around to every guest during dinner. You guys can all visit with us in the photobooth or while playing games or dancing!

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