Soon I’ll be diving in on the projects for Matt’s groomsmen groomspeople.  Matt’s sister, Kaity, will also be one of his attendants, so we’ll have a little bit of a change in the typical lineup.  We’re going to have the guys (Matt’s two brothers – Dan and Adam, and a couple of his friends from Boston – Brian and John) wear khaki trousers, long-sleeved white button down shirts (with the cuffs rolled to the elbows), and matching vests (which we have yet to source – any ideas are very much appreciated!).  We’re thinking Kaity could either wear a version of this outfit (maybe a skirt instead of pants?), or a khaki dress, or a lighter version of one of the colors that the bridesmaids will be wearing.  It’s 100% up to her, so it should be fun to see what she picks!

Similar to these dapper dudes, but slightly less rumpled.

Matt was originally concerned that khaki dress = safari-style outfit, but I’ve managed to find a several adorable versions that are not at all safari-ish.

These dresses are awesome for several reasons:

  1. The quality: My friend Ingrid just received the Bow-tied Neck Poplin Dress in Poppy Red as a gift, and it is very well assembled of very nice quality, heavy fabric. Most of the dresses above are also offered in several other colors.
  2. The price: These are dresses you could find at Anthropologie and pay over 3 times the price.
  3. The fiteShakti’s dresses are made to order, so they come in standard sizes 0-26, or you can have it custom sized to fit your personal measurements.  Perfect if you’ve got different sized tops and bottoms, and all dresses are customized to your bra/cup size and height as well!
  4. The customization: As well as general size customization, eShakti lets you customize your neckline, sleeve type, and skirt length!  All customizations are covered by a nominal $7.50 flat charge.

I am completely blown away by this company, and have been scoping it out for a while.  Now that I’ve seen Ingrid’s dress in person, I’m totally sold.  I’m encouraging my mom and hard-to-fit little sister to get their wedding-day dresses from them.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind snagging any one of those dresses for myself!

Now for the projects….I’ll be making real-tying seersucker bowties in our colors (one color each) for all the groomsmen, and either a bow hairband, clip, or bracelet (see below), for Kaity.

Each of Matt’s attendants (plus our dads) will wear a little medal instead of a boutonniere, similar to the one below, but with little silver anchors hanging from the ribbon (my dad’s will have a sailboat).

Sooooo, now to source those vests, decide on Matt’s suit, and get sewing!

UPDATE: Maybe these uniform vests will do the trick?  At only $17 each, that’s a great bargain!  It looks like they have horrible little gold plastic buttons, so I’ll have to change those out.  It might even be worth it to order one and see if it looks good in person…

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