bridal bling

Most of you have seen my engagement ring already….

Sideswept Smoky Quartz by OneGarnetGirl on Etsy

I absolutely love it, but I was a little worried that it would look funny when I wore silver jewelry. That’s the practical reason I wanted to have a bi-color wedding band.   The other reason is that I like the symbolism of the two metals working together to be stronger, while maintaining their individuality.

Well, the rings were finished today!

A big thank you to Sheryl and Tim of Itali Lambertini!  We love them!  We’ll be picking them up this Sunday at the Ballard Farmer’s Market! (I think the lighter metal is more silver in person than in the photo.)

Aside from the most important jewelry, I need to make the decision about my other accessories – earrings, a necklace, a possible bracelet, and something for my hair.


White silver filigree with gold spoons

Oxidized silver filigree with silver spoons








I know I want to wear traditional Norwegian Sølje jewelry, and that I prefer the oxidized silver filigree with silver spoons over the white silver filigree with gold spoons.  I also know that I like the heart-shaped filigree over the trefoil shape (above).   I had a pair of the earrings that were perfect (below), but I lost one while dancing at the wedding of a couple of friends of mine.  I’ll have to buy a new pair.

This image is unfortunately not 100% accurate – I just used Photoshop to desaturate a photo of the White/Gold earrings, because it’s very hard to find photos of the Oxidized/Silver versions.  I’ll change out the earposts for lever-back earwires, to which I’ve switched ALL of my drop/dangly earrings to over the last year.

As for the other jewelry, I’m not convinced I want to wear a bracelet.  I love them, but I have sturdy, muscular wrists that aren’t well-highlighted by bracelets.  I do think I’ll be wearing a necklace, though, as the neckline of my dress (post to come soon!) will allow for a nice one.  Most sølje necklaces are basically single pendants made from one of the earring elements.  Simple and elegant, but not impactful enough.  I saw a couple variations on the theme, using from 5-23 filigree elements!  The antique one below is a nice balance, though it is not available anymore:

I haven’t actually found any of these necklaces for sale – all are either sold or in museums. It wouldn’t take much to make one, though, since the filigree elements used are exactly the same as the earrings and pendants.  I’ve put together 3 different versions in Photoshop that I’m considering:

Five filigree elements - $100-110 (plus chain and findings)

Seven filigree elements – $150-175 (plus chain and findings)
Two single-drop hearts, two triple-drop hearts, one double heart – $151 (plus chain and findings)

Each of the triple-drop heart earring sets is about $50-55 (pendants are $39), the single-drop heart earrings run about $45 per pair, and the double heart pendant is about $67.  I still have one of the triple-drop hearts from my original earring set, so I wouldn’t have to buy a single pendant for the first two options, or I could save about $10-15 on the last option.

I’m not sure what to go for, so I’d love an opinion!  I’ll post more about my hair accessories, what I’m going to do to my shoes, and THE DRESS by this weekend.  I’ll give you a hint – it involves lots of strings of pearls, and is based on a 1909 design by Worth!

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2 Responses to bridal bling

  1. Lis says:

    I don’t make jewelry, but I think you’ll need to either add other metal to the necklaces you are looking to make, or attach the filigree elements to each other on the sides so they will fall correctly and not all hang straight down and overlap each other. I worry that even attaching the elements to the chain might not be enough. But again, I might have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Yep, your instincts are correct. That is exactly what I’ll be doing. I’ve picked out little findings that will go with the filigree that will keep everything laying correctly. I may not even use a chain to attach to the main elements – and only use it on the sides. I just didn’t want to have to put a bunch of those in using Photoshop, since I only had a few minutes to work on these. =)

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