chugging along…

This week, Matt and I started running through the different wedding checklists and solidified projects.  We’ve got a way to go, but things are being decided upon and simplified even further.  It feels really good.

I also pulled out all of the loose craft supplies out of the spare bedroom and began to organize them.  They’re all in matching white cardboard boxes (from the Container Store) in the closet, organized by type, with separate boxes for wedding projects in progress, which are stored in the dining room for easy access.

My Cri de Coeur shoes arrived.  I tried them on as soon as they came, which may have been a mistake.  The heels made my feet look eerily like Miss Piggy’s muppet feet in too small pumps.  Thinking that I may have just had puffy-PMS feet, I have been trying them on every night since they arrived (with way better results), and they are really growing on me.  They are pretty comfortable for heels, really, but I’m not sure of my state of puffiness on the wedding day and will keep my eyes open for something in the new spring lines, at least for comfortable relief from the heels.  Also, there’s a large flaw in the canvas at the front of the platform on the right shoe.  Not totally noticeable to people less nit-picky than I, but it makes me grumble anyway.  They should be perfect.  I emailed company today to ask for an exchange, so hopefully we can make something happen.

The flats, however, were totally unwearable.  They’re gorgeous, but way too narrow, the heel cups went up to high on my heels, and my poor toes did not peep.  If any of you readers have somewhat narrow size 8.5-9 feet, and would like to purchase these from me, I’d love to sell them.  Since I got both pairs for 70% off their normal price, they were a FINAL SALE and I can’t return them.  I’ll sell the flats for what I paid: $45.  Just leave me a comment or drop me an email if you’re interested.  Seattle-area readers can come try them on!

UPDATE: They responded and happily will exchange the heels.  I then asked about returning the flats, so maybe I won’t have to sell them after all!

My dress designer-maker, Ingrid, reminded me that having two pairs of shoes at different heights would be tricky for dress length, so perhaps I can find something for the reception that’s at the same height as the heels….maybe my beloved Clark’s Wellfleet sandals will be re-released?  A quick search shows that they just might have already been….

In other news, my dress fabric arrived yesterday!  40 yards on a big heavy roll.  It looks a little less warmly tinted than the little swatch – a bit more neutral – so I think it will work out well.  Because Ingrid will be making the dress in Olympia, she said I should order a dress mannequin in my size.  I placed the order today for a Uniquely You Foam Dress Form:

and Fabulous Fit shaping pads:

These in combination should allow me to create a realistic model of my body, mimicking the curves and measurements so the dress can be accurately flattering.

Other than these developments, Matt and I have decided to FINALLY head over to Target on Saturday, with Club Wed scanner in hand, and register for stuff.  My goal is to get at least 10 items on the list.  It’ll be difficult, but I think we can do it.  Don’t be surprised if we scan a ton of stuff, just so we can edit it at home later!

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