Dress stuff + shoe update + etc

It’s time. The time for “planning” is over, and now we must start “doing.”  Matt and I had made the goal last year that we’d start making things for the wedding and really get down to it starting January 1, 2011.  With my additional goal of having all of our crafts done by Memorial Day weekend, that gives us 5 whole months to craft and hoard and generally think All Wedding All The Time.

Well, we got off to a slow start.  My mom paid for half of a new Kitchen Aid mixer, right off our meager registry, for Christmas, so one of our big food equipment purchases was made.  I’m hoping that it will help make some of the self-catering tasks easier.  And over New Year’s weekend, we did go out and buy ourselves an electric smoker – on sale for $89 down from $150 – to help with some more of the catering projects (we’ll post about that on Snicklenose once we open it up and try it out).

We hadn’t completely started “doing” in earnest until this week, since we went on an impromptu trip to Portland over the weekend, and much of New Year’s weekend was spend birding (hopefully I can get Matt to post about that on our birding blog, Urbaniformes).  But this week, things are happening!  Our RSVP postcards will be ordered, the last two save-the-dates will go out (I’m terrible, yes), and I’ve ordered my dress fabric!  Ingrid and I had made a plan to go fabric shopping in early February, but I randomly searched online for “light gray stretch cotton poplin” and found an UNBELIEVABLE deal.  $1.30 per yard for fine woven, slightly shimmery, slightly stretchy pre-wedding dress.

Morex Fabrics - Light Grey Stretch Cotton Poplin

I received the sample swatch in the mail over the weekend.  It’s pretty light-weight (but not translucent), fine-woven, and sort of a warm pearl gray (well, in 5 pm light, when I checked it out).  I really like it.  It’ll probably have to be lined, or at least double layered, but that’s fine.  I was expecting that anyway.  Ingrid estimated needing 15-20 yards of fabric, but just to be safe I ordered 40 yards, in case disaster strikes and we have to remake the whole thing.  40 yards of fabric for $52 is my kind of sign that it will be fabulous.  We’ll meet in February to shop for accent fabric, trims, and finalize the design.  I’ll need to buy a dress form, too….maybe that’s something I can do this weekend.

The only problem is one of footwear: the shoes I ordered aren’t going to work.  Ugh.  First off, the ankle straps are too short.  I have sturdy, muscular ankles, and those shoes were made for girls who, well, don’t.  I was thinking about getting a cobbler to add more elastic to the buckle strap, but then I compared the shoes to the dress fabric swatch and they are oddly greenish in comparison.  The wedges, though they looked fabric-covered in the photo, are actually just rubbery plastic.  I know they won’t be seen too much, but I really didn’t want to have to do too much work on them.  That’s one project I really don’t need.  I may end up keeping them and getting the straps lengthened, but they won’t be for the wedding itself.

Crestfallen, I took a look back through my inspiration photo folder and found the two pairs of matching shoes I had originally fallen in love with nearly two years ago. They had been WAY too expensive, and I couldn’t decide between the heels and the flats (actually 1/2″ wedges).  Randomly looking them up this past weekend, I found them on super sale and bought both pairs!  Heels for the ceremony, flats for the reception.  They’re by Cri de Coeur (an NYC-based ethical shoe company that makes vegan shoes at their factory in Portugal), in a theme-friendly pretty blue chambray canvas (which could be used as accent on the dress, looking back to the original drawing).  To buy both pairs when I originally found them would have been $350 – I scored them for only $84 with a coupon code!

Those of you who know me well are aware that I’m very proud of my ability to find a deal.  I’m just really glad that my luck seems to be with me as I shop for the wedding essentials.  We had a bit of a windfall when it came to our wedding funds, due 100% to Matt’s company bonus, vacation pay-out, and travel vouchers, so we could splurge on some things.  Still, it’s nice to not have to.  It’ll let us be a bit more frivolous on our honeymoon, and any extra funds will go straight into our down-payment savings!


Cri de Coeur “Nellie D’Orsay” Slingbacks

Cri de Coeur “Chloe” peep-toe flats

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