After two holiday parties test driving the new heels, I’m not so sure I could bear them for essentially 8 hours on our wedding day.  They are surprisingly comfortable, and after Wednesday night’s Accretive party, I was impressed.  My studio’s party on Friday night changed my mind.  I’d been on my feet on concrete all day, then put them on for 4 hours to party.  Most of the time I was sitting, too.  I ended up in my moccasins.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.  Now I’m going back to my original plan (so long ago, I hadn’t posted about it) of looking for some pretty, simple, low wedges.  Something comfortable that I can wear all day without fear of pain, but also nice looking and classic without going OTT bridal with white satin and rhinestones.  Eww.  I’m wearing a cotton wedding dress….that would NOT work.  I’ll have to stick to canvas, non-patent leathers, or non-shiny fabrics to keep on theme.  Espadrilles or cork wedges might be just right.

I know I’ll probably have to wait until February or March for the spring lines come out for the most appropriate shoes, but I’m narrowing down the field so I’ll know THE SHOES when I finally see them.

Here’s a few that have caught my eye (click on the photos for details):

Both of these Marais USA styles are sold out in my size in every color (red, green, blue, and black would have been my options).  Boo.  Maybe they’ll bring them back in the Spring?

These Clark’s Wellfleet T-Bar sandals are some incredibly comfortable wedges.  I have a pair in dark brown suede, and they are really great.  Too bad my size is sold out everywhere in both the red suede and the tan leather (which I would have used leather paint to customize).

These are kinda cute, from the Newport News catalog – the 1″ heel is a bonus!  They’re only about $30, so it might be worth it to buy them to try them out.  My high insteps might rule them out.  Too bad they’ve got gold accents instead of silver.  I might be able to change that though….

Above is a selection of Kork-Ease wedges from the Sundance Catalog.  These guys also come in a towering 4″ platform wedge, but the incline between toe and heel is not “all-day worthy.”  I hadn’t seen the blue 3″ wedges before.  I was inclined to think these wouldn’t be cute or comfortable, but I like the contrast between the blue and the natural leather, plus the toe-heel incline is virtually identical to the lower ones (which kinda remind me of those superflat Saltwater sandals of our youth).

That’s enough for today, I think, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open come early spring for some new styles from Clark’s, Aerosoles, Naturalizer, and other comfort-based shoe brands that might just hit the nail on the head.

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2 Responses to hmmm….

  1. Elissa says:

    Have you considered the option of wearing a dressier pair for the ceremony and photos, then a slightly easier-on-the-foot pair for the remainder of the reception? Many brides seem to do this and it works well for them.

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      I had not, but I think I’ll probably have a backup pair. I don’t think people will actually see my shoes at all, really. My dress will be rather large and poufy. =)

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