Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out

So, for some reason, what a bride wears on her feet has become something of a big deal.  You can’t look through a set of bridal photos without the ubiquitous “shoe shot” anymore.  Whether it’s to show off the $900 Manolos or Louboutins, or to show that the bride is quirky and badass wearing combat boots or Chuck Taylors  – shoes are definitely in the spotlight when it comes to weddings, because they have such personality.

Unfortunately, there are about a billion different kinds of shoes out there and I’m extremely picky.  Yes, it really is taking me 9 months to decide on shoes.

My big problem is that I have odd feet.  They’re muscular and strong, not narrow but not terribly wide (C width, which is hard to find!), with high arches and high insteps.  I usually can’t handle much more than a 2.5″ heel if I’m to wear them all day, but flats can hurt me just as much.  I need something comfortable, but I’m not willing to completely forego style. I’ve thought about low (1.5″) stage character heels or ballroom dancing heels, but they just remind me of old ladies wearing nuclear suntan pantyhose with them.  Ick. The satin stilettos above are all at least 3″ heels that would not only kill my feet, but get stuck in the ground as I walk down the (grass) aisle.

So I thought of some quirky shoes with wide heels, known for comfort AND style: John Fluevog.  Here are a few I was considering (click on each photo for details):

I went to the Seattle Fluevog store this past weekend in search of these to try on.  Alas, the top two styles were not in the store.  The bottom two were, and they were both in a gorgeous steel gray/steel blue colorway.  I could barely squeeze my high insteps into the crossover maryjanes, and though the lace-up ones were better, my feet looked very pinched.  Toe-cleavage = eww.

I’d also thought about these shoes in either color from Seychelles:

But I haven’t been able to find them online in my size.  I’m not sure where I’d find them in Seattle to try on.  The heels are low, but not very wide, and they don’t look to have much cushioning.  Oh well.

Then yesterday, on a whim, Matt and I stopped into Market Street Shoes in Ballard.  I stumbled upon a couple of pairs of Tsubo Acrea heels (of Already Pretty fame).  I’d seen Sal wear them on her blog MANY a time – seriously, she must have them in 10 colors – and was intrigued.  They look hot, in a sexy structured modern way, but are they comfortable?

Why yes, yes they are.  I scored them for $94, which is nearly $40 off of their normal price in the store, AND they were the last of only two pairs.  I tried on these black textured ones in a size 9, and a pink mottled version in a 9.5, and they felt much more comfortable in the smaller size.  They’re roomy and flexible (the 9.5s would have stretched out a bit too much) and though they have a 3.75″ heel, they’ve also got a hidden 1″ platform, so they aren’t hard on the balls of your feet.  Plus, LOTS of cushioning and the strap is perfect over my high insteps.  The velcro section is really long, so you can have a custom fit over the top of your foot.  The only problem I’ve got with them is that the heel strap is really smooth and slippery.  I feel it slipping a bit when I walk, but I think I can find some kind of anti slip heel liners or tape or something.

I bought them so I could wear them to various holiday functions and see if I like them enough to buy a different color for my wedding shoes….I’m thinking that these light gray ones (a NEW color!) will be perfect:

Here’s to hoping they’ll go on sale sometime!!!

I think if they prove to be comfortable, I’ll go with them – maybe add a little embellishment to make them less plain.  Shoe clips?

Well, at least there was a little progress made.  T-minus 3 weeks until we have to really get moving on all the projects!  I hope I have time to post about them!

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  1. Erin says:

    OMG JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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