Lady Grey

I took another look at the original drawing my dressmaker and bridesmaid Ingrid did,(plus the first colorization I did back in April) and decided it was time to colorize it in my current bridal ideal….

I couldn’t quite tweak the accent color correctly, so it’s a little weird, but basically it would be ivory, like the color of cotton rope or mother of pearl buttons….











I like the idea of maybe doing something on the sash/belt area with some antique MOP buttons I have, similar to the cuff, above.  Bling, but subdued and quirky bling.  The cotton rope will be featured quite a bit in the wedding details, so stay tuned for cute projects!

I agree with the commenters on the last post….the feathers would look ridiculous.  I hadn’t looked at the dress concept in a while and I got excited by their “decadence on clearance” qualities.  Mostly I felt bad because I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted to share something and get people talking!

Next post is one about groomsmen’s attire….


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