Productivity is October’s word of the month!

Sadly, the productivity has not really been on our #1 project, the wedding.  We decided a few weeks ago that we just won’t have time to devote to any other projects after around New Year’s, so this fall (until Christmas takes over our lives) we have to finish any projects we want to have done before October 2011, which is when we get our lives back.

My personal to do list is posted on my other blog Snicklenose.  I’m pretty impressed that I’ve been able to cross off as many items as I have over the last two weeks.  I’m a great project starter – I love to plan them and shop for them, and even get started on them.  Follow through is not my forte, however, and there have been several large projects languishing for months.  We’ve instituted project nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, so that we actually do things in the evenings besides just coming home and eating dinner on the sofa, watching seasons of our favorite TV series.  We’re already pretty booked during the week – Mondays and Thursdays at the gym, Sundays or Mondays for the whole week’s grocery shopping and meal planning, and then we often have meetings or appointments on Wednesday nights.  Our weekends are quickly filling up (with things we really want to do, yay!) but there doesn’t leave much time for reupholstery or painting or making ice cream or learning to embroider.

So, I guess I am just posting that I’m glad we’re making time for these things.  The wedding will be awesome, I know, and I am excited to really get into the DIY aspects.  It’s going to be exhausting, and crazy, and ridiculous, but it’ll be fun, too.  I will need a lot of help as the months go by.  I’m also going to start another to do list, on this blog, so I can be sure things don’t get left out, and so I can cross them off as they are finished or changed or abandoned as the case may be.  It’s been so rewarding to cross things out, even as I add more, and be able to see evidence of the things I’ve been able to make.  All of it is around us in the house, but when it’s done, it just feels like it’s been there forever and it’s hard to remember to be proud of it.

Anyway….this past weekend’s big project was wedding-related: a meet & eat party for the bridesmaids and their significant others.  I posted about what I made here:

Hopefully having a wedding DIY to-do list will help me plan the projects and get them done, and know when to ask for help. =)


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