the calm before the storm

This fall — having started with a fantastic birthday two weeks ago, then a mini-break to Vancouver BC, then allergies/sinus infection/virus/whatever from hell all last week — feels like the last chunk of time before we really have to start hunkering down and working on the wedding all the time.  We’ve been engaged for over a year, and the wedding is just under a year away.  We’ve had so much time to put all of out pie-in-the-sky ideas into the pot, all we really want to do now is simplify.  And it feels really good.

I am so thankful for having so much time to plan.  I love planning.  It’s what I get excited about no matter what the subject – weekly meals, vacations, craft projects, what I’m going to wear to the gym each week.  Planning is my forte.  Follow-through is just a means to an end – something I’ve gotta do so I can move on to the next project.  Obviously this project is different, but I am still tempted to set up a long line of things to do post-wedding so I don’t go into withdrawal, like so many wedding bloggers I read about.

What we’re doing at the moment is taking all of our grand ideas and distilling them into the simplest, most pure version of our wedding day vision.  It’s going to take a while to get everything to its final destination, but I’m feeling really good about our decisions to simplify so far:

  • For one, after we spent an ok (but not great) weekend in Vancouver, we discovered that our favorite types of vacations involve being able to cook for ourselves, having the freedom of a house or a cottage in a pretty location, and having the option to laze about and read books or take naps.  The best vacations we’ve had so far have had those elements – like our friend Geoff’s birthday at a Cle Elum ski lodge last fall, or our early spring trip to Seabrook this year with my family.  So we’ve decided to simplify our honeymoon.  We’ll be skipping Nova Scotia in favor of taking the coastal highway through Maine and New Brunswick, so we can spend several days at a cottage rental on Prince Edward Island.  Then we’ll head to Quebec, and stay several days in Montreal before driving through Vermont back to Boston.  It’ll still be three weeks, but less hectic, and we’ll have more time before and after the trip to visit Matt’s friends and family back east.
  • Matt’s been working with some new software for the photobooth.  Our backdrop will be much simpler than previously thought, which makes us both happy.  It’ll still be awesome.  I’ll let him post about it, though, since it’s his project.
  • Little details are also being simplified, like the bridesmaid’s jewelry.  I’ve decided, after some good advice from my dressmaker/bridesmaid/very good friend Ingrid, that the metallic details of the wedding will now be silver/pewter instead of gold/brass.  It’ll mesh better with my gray dress, and honestly I like it better, even though my engagement ring is yellow gold and I love it to death.  I had jewelry ideas figured out – the ribbon bangles, and little sailboat pendants on chains – but the earrings were very difficult.  I had ordered silk knot cufflink sets on eBay from Hong Kong (MUCH cheaper than domestically!) to see if I could make something from them.  They’re a little difficult to work with, and not aesthetically balanced (odd numbers are best!) and the earrings I made with them looked a little ridiculous.  All is not lost, however, because when the metal color was changed, I was reminded of an adorable pair of earrings I’d just bought on Etsy made with vintage British farthing coins.  Then I remembered that the dime of one of our favorite countries (where we’re honeymooning!!!) has a very appropriate reverse image….

I’m going to try to get 2011 dimes, because that would be even more obsessive and Virgo of me.  Cool huh?

  • I am still reading wedding blogs.  It is difficult to see ideas and things that we just won’t be going with because they’re too expensive or off-theme or just not feasible.  But it is actually helping me to see my ideas, or similar ones, executed in the final product.  Things can be simple and appropriate and on-theme without being over-the-top.  Lesson learned!  Here’s a few photos of things we’re probably going to use in our wedding (with our own twist, of course) that have been simplified in our minds recently:

We’re more into the signage than the cake.  I’m pretty sure I found this at nautical wedding mecca blog Love and Lobster.

Because what isn’t reusable at this wedding will be compostable or recyclable!!!

I was a little worried my idea about a clothesline and tags for table assignments would be convoluted, but then I saw my idea totally validated.  Ours will be slightly different (I’ve been dyeing bamboo clothespins for weeks in our colors) but the main idea is the same.  I just wish I could see what’s holding up the ropes!

Oh!  and we’ve also booked where we’re staying on Whidbey Island!  If you’re planning to stay on the island, you should start looking!  Places will be pretty scarce starting next spring, so it might be a good idea to brainstorm your plan!

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