watch your mailboxes….

The save-the-dates have been sent!  (Well, all but 4 of them, and one bounced back to us due to machine issues at the Post Office.  Phil & Mary, I dropped yours back in the mail, and Erin Cabana, Shaun & Meg, Ari & Dane, and Audrey – yours will be out over the weekend since we ran out of wooden medal thingies and had to make more!).

Be sure to check the News & Alerts tab on the site for any updated info.  Right now, the thing we’re most stressing is that if you are planning to stay on Whidbey instead of driving back to Seattle or other locales, PLEASE BOOK EARLY!

Speaking of…..we have to book OUR accommodations, too!  Eeek!

I’ll have a post over the weekend about the save-the-dates, and what exactly those little wooden medals are for…..

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3 Responses to watch your mailboxes….

  1. Danya says:

    I got mine! They’re so gorgeous!

  2. Jenni says:

    I got mine too! Loved it!!

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