Take two….

So….it’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted.  We met up with Matt’s parents for a Portland/Columbia Gorge mini vacation, visited our  Whidbey Island wedding venue with them, and had a combined family barbecue at our house.  Lots of wedding plans were discussed, and some incredible help was offered, completely unexpectedly.  Not financially (which we’re really lucky to have under control), but with setting up coordination, crafting, and crab!

At the BBQ, I had my mom try on the dress I’d ordered from the previous post.  It was not exactly as I had envisioned it.  The color wasn’t quite there — she’s got warmer skin and hair tones than the model and it just washed her out.  I was also pretty disappointed with the quality of the dress.  Nothing glaring, but there were some sloppy stitches, a slip-up with the printing, and odd faux-wrap construction.  It fit her perfectly everywhere but where it was supposed to wrap.  I think their fit model must have been a size 0, and they just sized up incrementally from there.  Not what I would have expected from a company that gets rave reviews from so many bloggers.

So….it’s going back.  She liked the shape of the dress, but the color needs a warm boost.  Maybe an aqua instead of a cornflower blue.  A simpler silhouette with slightly flirtier details as well…Enter eShakti.com.  I’ve been scouting this company for months, looking for dress options.  Why?  They make everything on their website in sizes 0-26W, but will customize to any size for just $7.  They will also custom fit any of their standard sizes to your measurements, allow you to choose sleeve and skirt length, and neckline on most of their styles.  They ask you to give your bra size and height so they can better fit you.  The dresses are adorable, and if you don’t like them, you can send them back — even if you’ve had it customized!  They’ll just keep it in their warehouse and offer it as a one-off.  Here’s their line of solid-color dresses, perfect for bridesmaids!

This is the dress we found that we’ll probably get for Mom: The Aqua Ruffle Trim Faux Wrap Dress.

I think this will work much better.  All customizations are done for a $7 flat fee, and each dress ships within 3 days!  This baby is only $55, and will only be $62 if custom fitted, plus about $9 shipping.  It’s a Seattle-based company, with their tailors in India.  Everything is made to order.

We’ll probably get Audrey’s dress here, too!  She’s hard to fit because she has a large chest and is barely pushing 5′ tall.  This is the one she’s been eyeing: The Canary Yellow Cotton Poplin Rosette Trim dress, but she’s got lots of options!

detail of the little rosettes...

Anyway….I’m not daunted.  This is why we started planning so early…so we have time to send things back and regroup!

This week, after a bit of a break, we’ve started to really work on the wedding in earnest.  I’ve been gathering mailing addresses, we’re having a rubber stamp made, and I’ve put together the official project list and started the menu (for all 3 days!).  We’re going to be canning tomato sauce this weekend, but as soon as that’s out of our hair, we’re going to begin the task of finishing some wedding projects!

Save-the-date announcements will be sent out by the end of the summer….we’re hoping by Labor Day Weekend!  I’ll have a post soon on how we made them, and what you’re supposed to do with that little wooden thing we’re sending along with it.

THANK YOU for reading, and volunteering to help.  When I have my act together enough to schedule the crafting projects, I’ll be begging for your help!

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2 Responses to Take two….

  1. Erin says:

    I love love LOVE the yellow dress!!!! eShakti rules!

  2. Ingrid says:

    I want everything they have! But it is a bummer that none of their current styles come in red….
    They have one in their overstock section that’s red and the right size, but it has black detailing (though very cute and sailory) and is made for someone 2-4″ taller….

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