Hey girls (and those who like to read this anyway)!

I’ve been thinking about things I need to do to get things done for the wedding planning, and one of the items that came up was letting you all know the guidelines for your attire.

You have all picked a color to wear, so keep that in mind when looking for dresses.  If you forget, here’s the breakdown:

They do not have to 100% match the little Ralph Lauren paint chips I used to pick the colors.  Something that approximates these colors will work just fine.  Think classic bold primary colors.

As for fabric, I think cotton would be the most appropriate and comfortable on a hot August afternoon, but it’s up to you.  I’d prefer that anything you pick not have a print or contrasting texture (no stripes or florals!), but tonal textures (like Swiss dot, for example) is just fine, as are small contrasting details like piping or buttons.  If you have any doubts, just ask.

This will be a semi-formal outdoor ceremony, indoor/outdoor reception in mid-August, so the style of the dress should be simple and classic.  Approximately knee length skirts would be ideal (up to 3″ higher or lower is just fine), and anything from elbow length sleeves to sleeveless is great.  I haven’t decided how I feel about strapless yet.  Show me a photo if you HAVE to go strapless.

While this is a vaguely nautical themed wedding, don’t feel obligated to wear a sailor dress.  Simple, classic, and flattering to you is really all I’m after.

The final requirements are that you pick something that you will want to wear again, something at a price point you are totally comfortable with, and that it will be comfortable to wear on a summer day.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to buy all of your dresses and shoes, but I figured if you got to pick them out you all would be more comfortable in the long run, in all respects.  The last thing I want is for you to be uncomfortable with price, style, or color.

Below are some dresses that I think would be fantastic on any of you.  I’ve posted 2 dresses for each of your colors, though any of these styles would be cute in any color.  They’re all under $100, and from Shabby Apple.  You don’t have to buy these exact ones either — this is just a suggestion of style!  If you can find something like these at Target or your favorite boutique in your color, FANTASTIC! (Ingrid, are you still making your dress?)

ALSO…..the end of this summer might be a good time to look through the summer clearance racks for something on sale.  You might find a hot deal on the perfect dress!

Some Like it Hot ~ $76

Shakespeare Garden ~ $76

Bethesda Fountain ~ $88 (also available in black)

Jade ~ $82 (Also available in azure, and amethyst)

The Ramble ~ $78 (Available in black as The Beauty Mark)

The Camps Elysees ~ $88 (Also available in yellow and light green)

Nantucket ~ $76

The Tuileries ~ $88 (also available in white, hot pink, and light green)

Tuxedo IV ~ $72

And….I can’t find another one under $100 in medium-dark green.  Crap.  They have a “Bridesmaids” collection of dresses that has several very nice styles for $130 each.  They’re all available in 12 colors, including my wedding friendly red, black, and green.

As for accessories….all you’ll need to do is provide shoes. I’ll have a hair accessory, earrings, necklace, and bracelet for you. Shoes should be in a semi-formal style appropriate to the dress – I don’t care if they’re flats, wedges, or heels, but keep in mind that the ceremony is outside on the grass.  Stilettos might not be the best idea, but I find wedge sandals to work well on grass.  You’re more than welcome to kick off your shoes after the ceremony is over (and after we’ve done whatever photos we’re doing together), so it’s not necessary that they’re comfortable for longer than 30 minutes if you like super high platforms or something. No flip-flops, Crocs (even if they’re heels), or TOMS (or any other sneaker for that matter) until after the ceremony, please!  But after we say “I do,” anything goes!

They should be white (ivory and bone work, too), metallic gold, or a matching color to your dress.  Cork or wood wedges are perfectly okay.  I’d like to stay away from anything too novelty-like (sailor wedges from Hot Topic come to mind…).  Again, these can come from your own closet, Target, Aldo,, Nordstrom, wherever you are comfortable buying shoes, at whatever price you like.  My favorite shoes so far have been under $50, and/or from Target.

So…..THANK YOU for bearing with me as I dump all that out of my brain!  I am so very excited for you all to stand up with me next summer, and I appreciate your willingness to be a part of this.  I am currently thinking of having a BBQ in early-mid September for the wedding party (well, bride’s side, since all of Matt’s are on the East Coast), so let me know what works for you.  If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to share what you’ve found, let me know!

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  1. Danya says:

    Agh! I want all of those dresses!!

  2. Ginger says:

    I know, right? I’ve been drooling over this store for a year….

  3. Ingrid says:

    I actually have a red cotton dress and metallic gold wedges…

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