oh right, wedding planning

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything for about 2 weeks!  Eeek!

It’s been a little hard to stay motivated, what with all the Independence Day stuff and the 2 super hot days in Seattle summer stuff, but things are still slowly moving along.  We’ve been working on graphics for our Save-the-Dates, and picked out the paper and envelopes today at Paper Zone.  We also received our new Silhouette die-cutter, but have yet to play with it, because I need a USB extension cord.

As we get used to having more than one sunny day in a row, I think we’ll get over our Seattle weather guilt and hunker down to some projects.  Matt’s been working on the photobooth software at least, and I’ve been gathering supplies for other projects, so I think it’ll all fall into place so we can get some stuff done and stored by our T-minus 1 year day, which is in just over a month!

More posts this week, with photos and projects, I promise!

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