Forward Russia!

Or forward craft projects, really.  Yesterday, with the much appreciated help of Miss Erin and Miss Audrey, we were able to make all of the petals for the ranunculus flowers AND the poppies!  Matt helped by making us all grilled cheese sandwiches.  It went so much faster than I could have ever hoped, and now all I need to do to finish this part of the flower project is get some different fabric for the magnolia/peonies.  The chiffon was just a little too floppy, and not in a good way.  I looked again at my inspiration photos and figured out that I should have used more of a crepe than a chiffon.  No harm done.  I’ve only made one so far.  So….back to Jo-Ann’s for some more petal-like fabric.  I’ve also got three shades of green fabric to make leaves with, so that’ll be yet another crafternoon, but the way things are going, this project will probably be done by the end of the summer!

Sorry I don’t have photos….you’ll just have to imagine large piles of gold and crimson petals all over our dining room table.

Speaking of inspiration….Congratulations to Veronica of My Hands Made It!  She and her fiancé tied the knot over the weekend, and her success in making just about everything for her wedding gives me hope that our crazy DIY adventure might just get pulled off.

Veronica is also the blogger who introduced me to the Silhouette SD.

It’s a die-cutting machine that will cut paper, heat transfers, vinyl (think of all the stencils you could make!) and may just save my fragile little marbles when it comes time to cut things out for all of the various projects we have.  This post I found while looking for images pretty much sums it up.  According to crafty Portland mom NeverWithout:

I’ve considered buying a die cut machine in the past.  I think the Silhouette machine is a superior investment to similar cutting machines.  For example, Provo Craft’s Cricut machine requires the additional purchase of expensive cartridges in order to cut out shapes, fonts, and images.  Provo Craft’s Gypsy is compact, does not hook up to a computer (i.e. the digital interface is right on the machine), but it still requires the purchase of expensive cartridges.  In comparison, I love the Silhouette Machine’s method – all images can be purchased for a nominal fee and downloaded from their extensive online store.  Check it out. Additionally, I love that all fonts already on your computer can be turned into die cuts (…free…).  For more comparisons, read this New York Times article about craft cutting machines on the market.”

My sister Katie has a CriCut machine, and has made some pretty freaking awesome stuff with it.  She offered its use to me for the wedding projects, but Matt and I really wanted the ability to make custom designs without having to buy the extra software.  We’re unlikely to use pre-made designs for scrap booking or card making, but we would REALLY enjoy a die-cutter that would cut out our own designs on, say, freezer paper so we could make our freezer paper stenciled teeshirts (we’ve made gifts for our nieces and nephew 4 times already), plus have a saved design in case the shirt gets claimed by one of the family pets.

The fact that it allows us to cut our own designs and is able to use any font we have on our computer is a huge selling point.  The only hitch is that the proprietary software isn’t Mac compatible.  Matt and I have switched entirely over to Mac, save our server and our Home Theater PC.  With a little download and Adobe Illustrator, though, we’ll be up and running in no time.  Now all we need is a place to put it!

For our wedding alone, I can see us using it for:

  • Cutting paper sails for the wooden sailboat decorating station
  • Cutting vinyl stencils for our etched Aquavit toasting glasses
  • Cutting the fan/programs (found via Martha Stewart Weddings)

and several more projects that I’m saving for future posts.

We’ll be picking this baby up really soon….there’s a huge sale on them right now on the website.  Right now they’re offering a Silhouette machine, two rolls of heat transfer, two rolls of vinyl and a roll of transfer tape for just $249! The machine itself is usually $300, so this deal saves you about $130.  (Use the promo code “HelloSilhouette” at checkout to get the deal until July 1.)

Also on the shopping list for things we need for the wedding, but HOT DAMN get to keep and play with afterward:

A Serger! I've wanted one for years....

A chest freezer. I'm totally going to sponsor a wild boar hunt when I get this guy.

A Professional Multi-Chopper

and a mandoline....

A vacuum sealer, for use with the freezer

Oh man….we’re not going to need any gifts. =)  I’m stoked.

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3 Responses to Forward Russia!

  1. Erin says:

    I had SO MUCH FUN helping you yesterday! Just let me know when the next crafternoon will be & I’ll be there!!!!! 🙂

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