narrowing it down

Planning a wedding that has as much DIY going on as ours is hard.  There are INFINITE options for a million little (and big) decisions.  Every time I read another wedding blog (which is daily) I get more ideas for things we could do.  Some of which are fantastic, because there are little things I hadn’t remembered I had to make a decision about, like napkin rings.  Mostly, it’s a bit overwhelming.

So I’ve been working on making a set of limitation lists.  Sounds nuts, right?  Well, it’s the way I work best.  When I was in art classes in college, and we were given complete freedom, I had the hardest time getting inspired to create anything.  With infinite options comes infinite bad ideas, I think.  It was only when we had limitations (don’t lift your pen from the paper for the entire drawing, only work in blues, paint with your opposite hand, etc) that I made anything decent to look at.

With the wedding, even though we’ve already trimmed a lot of the options down by deciding to go with a story-book nautical theme, there are so many things we could use!  It could end up getting bogged down, complicated, and unfocused.  I want a clear vision for the decor, something theme appropriate but not like it was all ordered out of a catalog, and to be able to make decisions based on parameters rather than whim.  I’m all for whim normally (sometimes I go to a shop specifically to impulse buy), but this thing will never get done unless the decisions are easier to make.

Here are a few of my limitation lists.  With a few exceptions, these are the colors, textures, and motifs that will be used for the decor.


  • white
  • natural/ivory
  • tan
  • gray
  • navy
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • black


  • burlap
  • canvas
  • cotton (including seersucker)
  • rope (both jute and cotton)
  • wood
  • salt
  • galvanized metal
  • brass
  • clear glass
  • fish netting


  • books
  • flags
  • sails
  • anchors
  • seashells (in moderation)
  • stripes

To be honest, having these lists makes it seem like I know what I’m doing.  Now to just hammer out what everything will actually be, look like, and when it’ll be made.  The buying supplies part is fun.  =)

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2 Responses to narrowing it down

  1. yvonne says:

    love it! especially the textures section!!!!!!

  2. Brian says:

    It’s like when we planned our wedding, except instead of Colors, Textures, and Motifs, we only bothered planning Meats, Desserts, and How Fast Can Clara Change From A Dress to Shorts-and-a-T-Shirt. 😉

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