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Ginger and I probably met with the photographer for our wedding this evening.  Regardez. I haven’t looked at nearly as many sample wedding photos as Ginger has, but I’ve seen plenty of examples by photographers that aren’t very talented with their equipment.  Nani does not have this problem.  Her composition and eye for the moment seem excellent.

I was a little surprised and disappointed to learn that she wouldn’t provide the raw, unedited photos in addition to her edited ones.  She does a really good job on the postprocessing of her photos, but I’m a photo geek, too.  I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to see what I could do.  Ginger talked me through it a bit, and I do understand why Nani has this policy.  She is accommodating, and she’s willing to provide different versions of a photo if we ask for it.

Overall, though, I’m really happy with her work.  Her price is very reasonable, especially if you consider her ample abilities.  I know Ginger spotted some photographers that are asking several times what Nani is.

It’s pretty exciting to be this close to a major decision (and major payment) for our wedding!  🙂

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