it begins….

the amassing of supplies and items for the wedding has begun in earnest.

A couple of weekends ago, we bought ourselves a new scanner/copier/fax/printer, which we’ll use to print our save-the-date notes, the insides of the invitations, programs, RSVP cards, etc.

It’s an Epson Workforce 610.  It came very highly rated by Newegg and some other sites Matt trusts.  We got ours for a pretty good deal at OfficeMax.  I think I’ve used it twice in the last two weeks.  It works great, but I haven’t had a decent printer in 5 years.  It takes a little getting used to!

This past Tuesday (I have every Tuesday off my normal job to work on projects, independent consulting, and to cook 1 elaborate meal per week) I was out running errands and happened to stop by Jo-Ann’s in Ballard.  Wandering around, I found some incredible seersucker:

It might be a little hard to tell from this photo, but this seersucker was only available in 5 colors — MY chosen wedding colors (with slightly lighter blue and green, but I’m not complaining!). Here’s another look:

Oh, seersucker makes me happy.  I’m not sure I’m going to spring for those John Fluevog shoes.  Apparently the Seattle store moved or closed (it’s NOT by Pike Place anymore, due to the new BECU that killed M. Coy Books), so I was unable to try them on.  I also unfortunately have very high insteps and things like boots are super hard to find that’ll fit properly.  I won’t give up on the look, though!  I may just end up making spats that look like the shoes, which will be much cooler on a hot day, they’ll be removable, and I can be sure they’ll fit. I’m debating whether to use this seersucker for them, or to buy some gray seersucker online.  This stuff is earmarked for a special bridesmaid project, but I have way more than I need.  I may use it for bunting, or other decorations.  You can never have too much seersucker!

Also while perusing Jo-Ann’s, I found some 7″ galvanized tin pails.  We’d been thinking about using pails like these for the centerpieces/table name holders, and it was just dumb luck they had them on sale!

Normally $5.99 each, these were on clearance for $1.97!  The Ballard Jo-Ann only had 10. So I bought them out and went up to the Shoreline Jo-Ann, where I bought all 6 they had. Figuring 10-14 dining tables, plus a couple of buffet tables, and the tables for gifts and the witness poster, we’d need at least 4 more to be safe.  So I went to the Lynnwood Jo-Ann and bought all 8 they had.  They didn’t have them on sale, but I was not daunted.  I showed them my receipt from earlier in the day and they matched the price.  Apparently they had just gone on sale that morning and they hadn’t had time to enter it into their system yet!

So…..I ended up with 24 perfect pails for just under $48.  If they hadn’t been on sale, I’d have spent about $144!  Score!  I went online to try to see if I could find any more like these and couldn’t.  Similar options only went down as $2.99 a piece, so I’m feeling pretty good about jumping on this deal.

When we finalize the design for the centerpieces, I’ll post our how-to.  They’re going to have driftwood and seagrass surrounding a little signpost with the table name on it.  We’re currently debating what theme we should go with to name the tables: fictional ships, historical ships, names of seas, names of islands in Puget Sound/Massachusetts, names of port cities in WA/MA, names of maritime books (ooh, just thought of that one….I like it!), or other maritime themes.  We nixed anything to do with pirates or sea monsters, though they would be fun.

The next purchases we’re looking at are:

  • a serger/overlock machine (hooray!!! I convinced Matt we needed one to finish off the bunting flags!)
  • LOTS of fabric for flag bunting, swag bunting (you see it in Massachusetts, but not so much out here – it’s really cute!), etc
  • Canvas drop cloths for the table cloths
  • Jelly jar sconces for candle holders
  • and way more than I can think of at the moment….

We’re not quite ALL WEDDING ALL THE TIME yet, as I told a friend this morning, but things are really starting, thanks to Matt getting more engaged about being engaged.  We’re working on finishing the reorganization of our office/craft room over Memorial Day weekend, so hopefully we’ll have ample storage for the wedding projects as they are finished.  After things quiet down in late June (we’ve got the first 3 weekends booked with our niece Natalie’s 4th birthday, some housewarming parties, and my little sister’s high school graduation!) I’ll be able to focus on making flowers and sewing bucket bags, which I would LOVE LOVE LOVE help with.  In the meantime…..keep your fingers crossed that the rain stops this weekend in Seattle, and have a fantastic unofficial start of summer!

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5 Responses to it begins….

  1. Mary says:

    The Fluevog store? Totally still near the Market. I believe they’re on Pine and 2nd. I just walked by there yesterday.

    • Ginger says:

      Oh….well, I feel dumb. We must have walked down the wrong street! Oh well….I didn’t really want to spend $250 on shoes, no matter how cute they are. I like the self-embellishing anyway, since I will kick them off and run around barefoot 5 minute after the ceremony. Hey, we should meet up for coffee or dinner soon! It’s been too long!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Also, I think they have the fleuvogs at Yolli in Olympia…

  3. Ingrid says:

    The same brand has a few different victorian boot styles also…on the same website. 🙂

  4. Ingrid says:

    Also, I used that seersucker to make vests and bow ties out of for the barbershop quartet in The Music Man a couple of years ago…it’s totally adorable.

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