new registry page

Hey all!  I just wanted to point to the new registry page on this site.  Read it for a better explanation of our gift mentality.  It’s got quick links to all of the sites we’ve registered on, plus a list of things that are not really registry-friendly, but we can never have too many of them. Like vintage tablecloths (thanks to Ingrid for giving me the idea of a alternative wedding wish list!).

I want to warn you, I think I’ve registered for at least 3 KitchenAid stand mixers in different colors on different sites.  I do not need nor want 3 KitchenAid stand mixers….I just apparently need to hunker down, pick a damn color, and go with a site that has them at a decent price.  If you find one on sale somewhere else, fantastic!  Just tell a bridesmaid to have us anonymously remove it from the registry so it’ll be a surprise (Mom….)

Also….we haven’t actually really registered for anything yet.  I’ll let you know (about the time the save-the-dates go out) when it’s safe to assume the things on the registry are things we actually want, rather than things I added to enter a giveaway contest or see how the site worked.  =)

Oh, and we’ll be registering for those Anthropologie dishes via  No one is to buy the whole set themselves, cause that’s just silly.  It’d be cool if we could get a few pieces to start us off, then we can fill in the blanks.

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2 Responses to new registry page

  1. Carrie Norton says:

    Do you use It sounds really great but we haven’t signed up yet. We’re currently in the wedding planning process and want to register for Anthropologie home decor too but unfortunately you can’t direct wedding guests to a direct Anthropologie wish list lol. They’d be like ” whatchu playin’ at?”

    Do you like the site so far? I see they have an iphone barcode scanning device which seems convenient – have you used this at all or know anyone who is? Woohoo! Three kitchenaid mixers are great but I recommend the empire red color because it really pops in the kitchen!

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      We just signed up, and, like it says in the post, we haven’t registered for anything yet. I’ll be playing more with it today.

      Also – we’re not getting 3 mixers. I just put them on the lists when I signed up for the registries and couldn’t decide on the color….I’m leaning toward orange this week.

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