3 options

I really don’t know which I like better, so please vote for one:

1.  Original Mother of Pearl Button?

2. Larger, black Mother of Pearl Button?

3. Yellow stamen pearls?

Also….while flipping through BUST yesterday, I ran across these:

They’re kind of adorable and perfect, and since they’re Fluevog, they’ll be comfortable.  The Seattle Fluevog store is very close to Metsker Maps and the Crumpet Shop……I think we’ll have to stop there on Saturday, too!

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5 Responses to 3 options

  1. Erin says:

    I honestly like the mix of buttons & stamen pearls! It feels very handmade 🙂

    LOVE the shoes!!!!!

  2. Jenni says:

    If you want them to look real, go with the stamens. If you want them to look crafty, I like the original mother of pearl buttons. My favorite is the original mother of pearl, personally, but it depends on the look you want, I think.

    And yes… shoes are darling!!

  3. bellecoeurwedding says:

    I really don’t know whether I want them more crafty or realistic. Probably more crafty, though. My friend Naclaysia suggested using both of the vintage button types, and that’s starting to grow on me. I have several hundred of each of the buttons (I ordered them on Etsy when I thought I might bead my dress with them.)

    I also have black stamens that I plan to use on one of the flowers, so maybe I’ll have some of that texture in there with blue flowers? Maybe a combo of the yellow and black? I dunno.

    Thanks for the input!

  4. Daniel R. says:

    I find the color scheme of option 2 works best. It gives it a little more of a crafty feel without the button calling too much attention to itself as in option 1.

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