to make….

You all knew this would be a handmade wedding.  Here’s our TO MAKE list, in the order that I can remember them at the moment:

  • Save-the-date cards (in envelopes)
  • Hand-bound book-style invitations with RSVP postcards
  • about 15 canvas tablecloths (easily made with canvas drop cloth runners) with hand-stamped details
  • Accessories for the 5 bridesmaids; including jewelry, hair accessory, and bouquet bucket bag
  • Accessories for the 5 groomsmen; not sure what this will entail yet, but there will be a boutonniere-like thing
  • Photo booth; including theatrical backdrop, props, computer/camera/remote system, lighting
  • The food; includes rehearsal dinner BBQ, arrival snacks/beverages, cocktail/activity hour snacks/beverages, buffet-style dinner, with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options, brunch the next morning
  • 4 candles with holders for each dining table (probably 10)
  • Centerpieces and table names (not numbers) for each table
  • Framed posters;  one for our witness signing (which everyone will sign), one for the schedule/program of the day, one maybe for the menu
  • If we don’t make a poster for the menu, there will have to be little cards or flags to let people know what’s what
  • Paper fans/ceremony programs
  • Flag favors to waive at us and take home for all guests
  • A wearable favor TBD for all guests
  • Little wooden boat kits (we’ve gotta do the dirty work on them, then repackage them)
  • Games; badminton, horseshoes, etc – to be customized
  • 2 flower-girl dresses plus any accessories and bucket bags
  • Ring pillow or device for the ring bearer, plus any customized outfit
  • Aquavit for the toast (we make it ourselves!)
  • Indoor decorations; flag bunting, paper lanterns, any banners or signs
  • Any outdoor decorations; wayfinding sign, bunting, any lighting, banners, etc
  • My hairpiece and accessories
  • Any special items for Matt’s outfit
  • Make fabric flowers for my bouquet, and the 5 bridesmaid bouquets (this is going to be an amazing project!)
  • Thank you cards

Things that will be handmade, but not by me or Matt (hooray!):

  • my dress (made by Ingrid!)
  • the desserts (made by Erin B., my mom, and the French Bakery)
  • a wedding portrait by Erika Moen

Yes, there will probably be more…..I’ll update the list as we think of things.

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2 Responses to to make….

  1. Erin says:

    OMG! You’re going to be BUSY!!!!!

  2. bellecoeurwedding says:

    Yep, hence the changing of gears. I’m not sure even Matt had any idea how much DIY there was. Yay for having over 15 months to go! And it’s almost totally picked out! All we need now is to make it all.

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