bridesmaid bangles?

In my post about wedding inspiration, I talked about how it’s coming from everywhere, unexpectedly, and all the time.

I posted a series of images from the Portland shop Ink & Peat that only later inspired me in a way never expected.

Do you remember when I posted the horrid photo of my special ribbon? The stuff that inspired our color scheme, and which I’ve been consequently buying up and hoarding, without a project in mind for it?   I have re-photographed it:

Pretty, huh?  I got it Jo-Ann, having stumbled upon it randomly.  (Also, check out my new 50 mm lens Matt bought for me!  Very cool, and it works so much better than the kit lens in natural low light.)

The image that so inspired me was this:

They looked so fun and handmade and p(r)eppy that I had to try making some.  They’re beyond simple, and I may end up making them for each of the bridesmaids.

All you need is ribbon (I used grosgrain, but I’m sure anything fairly sturdy would work), bangle blanks or old smooth bangles to recover (I got mine at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle, but they’re made by and their website has TONS of options and ideas – I chose the wooden dome shape), a trusty fabric glue (I use the one in the photo for upholstery projects, so I know it’s strong!), and a clothes pin, clamp, or chip clip to hold the ribbon while the glue dries.

It was super simple, so I ended up making two, with the wedding ribbon and some other ribbon I had laying around.  The best thing about these, I have to say, is that the bangle blanks actually fit!  I have very wide hands and fairly narrow wrists, and most bangles don’t fit over the palm parts of my hand.  These ones did, since they were size XL, at 3″ interior diameter.  They were also only $3 each.  They’ve got several other sizes, widths, and shapes, so there are lots of options and I’m sure I can find one to fit each of my girls, plus some for good friends not in the wedding party.

What do you think?  Should these be part of the bridemaid accessories?

(Each of the girls will be wearing one of the colors featured in the striped ribbon, if you forgot.)

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4 Responses to bridesmaid bangles?

  1. Erin says:

    I totally dig these! FUN! It’s hard to know whether or not they will look good with the bridesmaid dresses without knowing the style of the dresses. If they’re super fancy, these might look too casual…or they might like tres chic! It’s hard to tell 😉

  2. bellecoeurwedding says:

    They’re not supposed to be too fancy. I told the girls to wear simple cotton day dresses in their assigned solid color, in case you wanted more info to visualize. =)

  3. Erin says:

    Then I think these will be FAB! 😀

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