wee dresses

over the weekend, Matt and I had several hours in the car to discuss our wedding plans.  We’ve decided that the time for frivolous brainstorming is officially over, and now it is time to make real decisions (though we realize they’ll still be a bit tentative).  We’ve got to put together a schedule for completing the handmade details, so that they can be done well in advance, so the last few months won’t be crazy stressful.  I’d like to start making things by the summer, so we need to get cracking on the timeline.  There will be more directed and decisive brainstorming going on in this blog from now on, and I would love some opinions.

A few things we decided:

  • We probably won’t paint the branches red on the tables, but we may end up using driftwood instead
  • We’re going to have two flower girls, since our nieces will be 2 and 5 by then.
  • Save-the-dates will go out this summer, to allow for people to make reservations for accommodations on the Island.  Most places don’t take reservations until 1 year in advance, but summer weekends fill up quickly.  If you’re not local to Seattle or Western Washington, it’ll be good to get your hotel/cottage/B&B booked early.
  • Above mentioned save-the-dates will have a “ship-to-shore” telegram/radiogram theme – unless that doesn’t really make sense with our sailing theme. (UPDATE:  Yes!  Ship to Shore radiographs were successful starting in 1898 – well within our theme time period range.)
  • Below are some ideas for the wee dresses that Teagan and Natalie would wear.  (I forget if we’ve formally asked their parents for them to be in the wedding yet, but hopefully it’s ok!  We’ll talk details soon!)

This one’s by my favorite children’s clothing maker/blogger, Grosgrain:

Or we could go with something a little more simple….like this Jean-Paul Gaultier dress (which we’d NOT buy, but make from jersey fabric):

Or still keep it simple, but mix it up a bit:

The above dresses are for adults, but it wouldn’t be difficult to make something simple like these.

Anyway….if you have opinions or ideas (beware, a google search for “sailor dress” comes up with a TON of stripper costumes) please let me know!  (Oh, and FYI, both of the girls have blond hair and blue eyes – the dress doesn’t have to be navy/white, either any combo of the wedding colors will work fine.  We just want relatively simple, comfortable dresses for them, that don’t cost a fortune to make or buy, so that WHEN (not ‘if’) they spill all over themselves, it’ll be minimal drama.

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6 Responses to wee dresses

  1. Erin says:

    As the recent attendee of a wedding in which both flower girls & one of the ring bearers (all 3-4 years old) refused to go down the aisle on the big day, I recommend that an adult be designated to assist the young ones 🙂 A bridesmaid or groomsman walking with them might help diffuse some of the “little kid unknown factor” from the situation. Just something to think about!

    Also, I like the first dress best 🙂 That’s just my two-cents!


    P.S. Let me know if/when you need crafting assistance!

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Haha! Yes, I’ve thought of that. One of the flower girls will be my sister’s daughter, who is a bridesmaid. I dunno how the procession will work, but we may have them walk together, or be escorted by one of Matt’s brothers. There will be plenty of people to help, I’m sure. =)

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Oh, and I will definitely put a call for help out when I know what we’re doing!

      Thanks for commenting! It really does help to have your feedback. Otherwise I’ll get too inside my head and the whole thing will end up looking like Pan’s Labyrinth – cool concept, but unsatisfying and a bit creepy.

  2. Jenni says:

    This isn’t related to flower girl dresses, but I saw this and thought of your theme!


    (P.S. Of the dresses you showed, I think the 3rd one would be a better complement to your last wedding dress sketch, plus, which little girl wouldn’t want to wear that adorable little dress? I’m also loving the second one, though… just because it’s cute, simple, looks comfy, and you won’t have to worry about it get stained or anything).

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Oh, that’s cute! I like it!

      Thanks for your opinion! Everything constructive helps!

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