creating an atmosphere

is pretty difficult.  Especially when you want to have a feeling, an aesthetic, a vibe that runs complimentary to your vision for the big day.  Many things we’ve got on our list are seemingly contradictory, but I’m always finding bits and bobs of inspiration that help to smooth out the rough edges of this grand idea.

I’ve probably been driving people crazy who read this blog regularly.  I change my mind a lot, going back and forth until I find the perfect combination of low-key charm and high costumey impact.  I can’t promise that I won’t continue to swing back and forth on things, but it feels like I’m finally putting some pins in things and deciding what will fit the vision of the big freaking party we want to have.

To help you understand why it’s so difficult to pin down the theme of this wedding, I’ll give you our lists of inspiration.

Here’s what we want:

  • maritime/nautical theme
  • Victorian/Edwardian elements
  • bold, graphic lines used in the aesthetic
  • slightly gritty/dark details
  • a storybook quality – details should be somewhat historically accurate, but it’s not 100% necessary
  • Decemberists-like fixation on the obsolete, with a modern vibe
  • a sailing theme, but steamboats may be included, too
  • a handmade quality to all the decorations, but a well-executed one
  • Scandinavian/Mediterranean foods and flavors
  • a fun, somewhat silly atmosphere with games and activities
  • guests who get into the theme and dress up a little – not full costumes unless you want, just fun details

Here’s what we can pass on:

  • anything too formal or serious
  • anything too polished or fancy – it’s just not us
  • anything straight out of the box
  • anything too weddingy (no David’s Bridal, no Martha Stewart invitations, no Funky Chicken)
  • drama, crying, frustration, etc.

So…..sounds simple, right?  Well, it isn’t….but it’s getting there.  My biggest fears about it are the guest list (how to get it down without permanently alienating my whole extended family) and the day-of photography (how to get good shots, cheaply, without having it be annoying).

But thinking about either of those things makes my brain hurt, so instead, I’ll post photos of what’s been helping narrow down things, and inspire the planning process.

Great album design! What's that font?

It's a liquor decanter

Everything in this Portland shop is cool, but I'm really loving the branches sprayed red....centerpieces?

That’s probably enough for now….I’ll have plenty of time to daydream and tack some things down this weekend, when we’re away at the seaside, in a faux little New England village.  =)

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3 Responses to creating an atmosphere

  1. Erin says:

    I love the red branches! They remind me of coral 🙂

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Yes! I agree. We’re trying to keep the flowers to a minimum, since they’re really hard to do in advance (which like, 90% of the wedding will be, since we’re doing it mostly ourselves), so we’ve gotta have non-floral centerpieces and decor.

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