a woman’s prerogative….

is to change her mind.  I am certainly no exception.

As much as I liked the idea of the lanterns to hold the bridesmaids’ flowers, it didn’t quite feel right.  So when I stumbled upon these…..

a new idea was formed.  These are traditional sailor’s ditty bags, made in Cornwall.  They’re cylindrical, sometimes have pockets, and have rope handles that have spliced eye loops.

I’m going to attempt to make some.

I think I’m going to practice by making some larger bags like the ones immediately above, and maybe have shoulder length straps.

Then, I’m going to make mini ones from plain natural canvas, stamp our wedding logo on them, and have short handles for the bridesmaids to carry bundles of flowers in.  They’ll be able to keep them of course.  The flower girls will get their own as well.

These are so simple to make, and we’re going to have dozens of yards of canvas around, so they’ll be cheap.  The only challenge was to learn how to do the rope-splicing, and I picked up how to do that from an animated how-to.

I’ll post my first attempts as I finish them…

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