people seem to like lantern #2

And it’s growing on me…..Here’s why:


They open up on the top, and I can probably take the tops off completely to use them as flower holders, while still retaining the lantern quality.  For continuity, we can get a few more sets and hang them like normal lanterns with candles or LED candles or something at the reception site.

They are also the most compact and economical versions of those I posted about earlier….about $4.32 each as opposed to nearly twice as much for the next cheapest option.

What do you think?  Here’s a version of the flower idea with yellow crespedia and a random blue liner for the lanterns:

I still have no idea what flowers I’m using, or what I’d line the lantern panes with to hide whatever floral foam/frogs that’d be in there, plus I’d need my ribbon on the handle somewhere, but I think this might be a cute option.

(I’m getting way more into planning this wedding now that I know we’re likely going to lose a week of prime planning this August to go to Spain!!! Wahoo!)

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