Photo Booth Resarch

One of the elements Ginger and I want at the wedding is a sort of digital photo booth.  We don’t want a traditional photo booth where you sit in a small cubicle, and it spits out a handful of small snapshots.  Here’s what we have in mind:

  • It will be self-service.  We don’t want an attendant or an operator.
  • It will be entirely digital.  We’re not trying to get prints made on-site.  We’ll make digital copies available afterward.
  • We’d like to show people a live image of what the camera sees, so they can pose themselves.
  • We want to use a real camera, not a webcam.  It doesn’t have to be one of our DSLRs, but it should be able to take clear photos in good light at a native resolution of at least 6 megapixels.
  • We’re going to paint a nautical-themed backdrop and provide props for people to use!

I’ve seen a couple of pieces of software that can help us accomplish this: PSRemote and SeeMonkey.  I’m going to try demos of both to see how well they work.  Both these products will work with Ginger’s DSLR, but her camera doesn’t support a “live” view of the final photo.  We could purchase a compatible camera that will show a live image.  Alternatively, I may use the camera we have to take the photo, but use a cheap webcam to provide the live image.

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