Gathering ideas

I read a lot of blogs.  I mean a lot.  Several times a day (when I wake up, during breaks and winding down at home), I check my Google Reader for inspiration (for my daily life, not just the wedding), insight, and amusement.

Today, I have 364 unread posts in my Reader.  I will likely finish them all by this evening.

Now, most of the time I don’t read EVERYTHING that someone’s posted.  I have a few that I tend to read every word of, because I love their writing, their adventures, and their style.  Blue Yonder Ranch is one.  Katy Elliott is another.  But mostly I slightly unfocus my eyes and scroll through the blogroll for something that catches my eye.  A surefire way to do that is post anything involving stripes, the color yellow, or bacon.

A few posts have caught my eye over the past couple of weeks for their wedding ideas.  Here’s one of the things we’re going to use for our big day (with our own twist, of course.)  I’ll try to gather more and post them in the coming weeks.

Wedding Witness Poster (via Happy Cavalier)

I LOVE this idea.  I had been wracking my brain over what to do about the guest book situation that would be meaningful, non-boring, creative, and fun.  I really didn’t want a guest book.  You can’t ever get everyone to sign it, and you end up with a book only 1/4 full of the same sentiments that you get in your cards.  Plus, I didn’t want to make one of my volunteers have to babysit it all day.  I thought about having a big empty magnum wine bottle and little slips of paper available for guests to leave a “message in a bottle,” which would fit our maritime theme, but it seemed a little fussy, and we’d likely never get the messages out again to read them.  It would be fun to keep them sealed up until our first anniversary, or 5th, or 10th, as a kind of time capsule, but when I saw the above image, I knew I’d found the right solution.

No offense to the talented artist of this poster (Etsy seller SpreadTheLove) but it’s not quite our style.  Matt and I are excited to design our own, loosely based on just the layout of the very folk arty design with the Distelfinks.  It may incorporate a version of our wedding crest we’re working on for the invitations, and will definitely involve a maritime graphic, maybe a rope border, and very likely a squid and a whale.  And we’ll make everyone just sign their names on it during the cocktail/game hour.  Problem solved!

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