Rope ain’t cheap

We visited West Marine yesterday to check out the rope for possible decorations….it’s not cheap.  There were really cool patterns and weaves, but to cover the whole site would cost more than our venue rental.

We’re still looking around for cheaper stuff (we did find a bunch in a different section that will work well) and should be hammering out the checklist of decorations soon.

Some ideas:

  • LOTS of pennant bunting EVERYWHERE.  We’ll be making it out of muslin and simple patterned calico (stripes or polka dots).  A good excuse to finally buy that serger/overlock machine!!!  It’ll take a long time to make 200 flags, but we’ve got 18 months!  Maybe we’ll do rope and burlap ones outside?  I’ve got a bunch of old coffee sacks…
  • Rough canvas tablecloths (made from canvas drop cloth, maybe with some decoration?)
  • Birch branches for a little greenery (it’s a Norwegian tradition)
  • Flags to waive after the ceremony
  • Paper lanterns to hang from the support cables in the hall
  • Glass candle holders, filled with rock salt and votives (as seen at the café at Seabrook, minus the rock salt)

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll be adding more, I’m sure.  Stay tuned!

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