We are sick in the head

Ginger and I have been talking and brainstorming today, and it’s gone something like this:

  • Man, caterers are expensive.  How can we reduce the cost of paying for caterers?
  • We don’t need caterers to supply dishes, flatware, napkins or linen.  We’ll do it on the cheap.
  • We’re doing buffet style, so we don’t need servers.  We only need a couple of people to set out food and replenish the serving dishes.  It might be nice if they cleaned the dishes, too.
  • We’ll have the venue, which includes a large, full kitchen for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We’re already planning to use the extra days for setup and cleanup, so we can prepare things like salads and greeting platters on Friday and refrigerate them.  And we can even do dishes ourselves on Sunday.  We only really need the caterer to prepare hot dishes for us.
  • … Maybe , just maybe, we can prepare the hot food ourselves.  Then we just need someone to put it in the oven and serve it.
  • Or better yet, we can serve cold platters for dinner (which is not inappropriate for August), and do all the cooking ourselves on Friday and Saturday.  Then we can just put our wedding party to work for ten or so minutes laying out the food!

We know: this is taking on an enormous workload.  And we probably don’t appreciate the level of stress we will be under to do this.  At the same time, Ginger says, “This really feels like us,” and I think I agree.  I also kind of like the idea that we’re taking our wedding back from the wedding-industrial complex.  We don’t need to pay other people too much money to do things we can do ourselves with some hard work and dedication.

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9 Responses to We are sick in the head

  1. Ingrid says:

    What about asking your friends to take on more of the work than just setting up? My friends Brian & Dalya got married this last summer, and everything was done by family & friends, from invitations, to the wedding cake, to photography, to the meal, to drinks, to dress alteration (that would be my contribution). Just think about it, your friends love you and most would be willing to perform some amount of labor as a blessing for your wedding day. It’s a great way for your community to love and support you.

    Also, they had a bunch of friends help plan the whole thing (they organized a committee of sorts) – remember you two don’t have to do all of this by yourselves….


    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      I’m sure we’ll be asking for your help, and that of many others. We can’t prep the whole thing ourselves, but I can certainly write the recipes and instructions for our helpers. We already know we’ll need lots of help setting up the decorations, and making them over the next several months.

      It’s still a little bit early to start delegating. We’re still in the process of designing and exploring our options and budget.

      As soon as we have a plan, though, we’ll be begging for help. =)

  2. Erin B says:

    Oh man you guys are crazy! But I love you & would be more than happy to help out with whatever is needed (assuming I’m invited) 🙂

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Erin, of course you’re invited!!! You and Geoff can come up early and help if you want…plus, we’ll be ordering a few cheesecakes, too, I’m sure. I want to work with you on a lingonberry cheesecake!!!

  3. bellecoeurwedding says:

    Thanks guys – it really helps to have this kind of feedback.

    Oh, we’ll be asking for some help from you guys. Maybe not for planning, but for helping make the invites and decorations. We would love to have friends do the photography….I think we both want to control most of the aspects of the day, though, and I’m not sure how much creative control I’m willing to delegate.

    We’ve been talking about it on Google Chat a bit today, and we’ll probably end up with a hybrid of making 60% of the food ourselves (with FRIEND and FAMILY help, of course!) and hire some servers for the day, and a restaurant or caterer to make the main dishes.

    Anyone know of some nice, reliable servers that would be interested in a “plating, setting out, and replenishing” gig for a day? Ones with food handlers permits? We’d feed them, pay them well, and cover ferry travel!

  4. Erin B says:

    Ooohhh Ligonberry cheesecake sounds amazing! Where the heck am I going to get Ligonberries??? LOL! I’d be honored to provide cheesy cakey goodness for your special day 🙂

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      I’ll provide the lingonberries….they sell them in tubs at a Scandinavian store in Ballard, or at IKEA!

  5. Ingrid says:

    You don’t have to let go of any control by delegating, just as a heads up. You get to ask for exactly what you want 🙂

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