Save the date, a venue has been chosen!

I know I’m like, 20 days late in posting this, but I was waiting until Matt had uploaded his photos from the venue.  He has not, so here’s the scoop:  we’re getting hitched on Saturday, August 13, 2011 in Freeland, WA.

The Freeland Hall was adorable – very low key and comfortable.  The people we met with to see the place were wonderful small-town characters who love their little corner of the island.  The view was amazing – the hall is on a bluff overlooking Holmes Harbor – and the whole place just felt RIGHT.  We’ll be renting the hall for 3 days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – because it is required, but we’re pretty excited about it, actually.  It’ll allow us to take Friday to set up and decorate and have a rehearsal BBQ.  Then Saturday we won’t have to worry about any of the set up, we can just party, and put the outside stuff inside after it’s over.  Then Sunday morning, we’ll have a big breakfast for everyone who is still on the island and willing to help clean up with us.  The whole arrangement feels like it will be a lot less stress than having to do everything in one day, and we can relax and take our time.

Matt’s working on putting together a Google SketchUp model of the hall, so we can design the layout from home.

We’re also maybe going with Fireseed Catering for the food.  They were so nice and accommodating – we’ll get to design a whole menu ourselves and they’ll make it work within our budget. They had a really cute wedding reception venue onsite, but it wasn’t nautical enough for our theme.

Anyway….people have been asking us how planning is going, and all I can say is “slow.”  But that’s exactly what I wanted. We’re working out our budget at the moment, and that’s what’s going to dictate the next decisions.

The one big ticket item on the list that makes me nervous is the photography.  We’ve talked about what we want – and what we don’t want – and I’m working on getting more comfortable with the whole having-my-photo-taken thing (I’ll feel A LOT better about it after my new meds really kick in and I start looking like myself again).  My biggest concern is being able to have what we want for the amount of money we want to pay.  Most wedding photographers charge a minimum of $2k per day, and all the prints and everything add up really quickly.  We’d love to have our friend Alex put together our posed photoshoot, but she may be in Japan by then – which would be fabulous for her.  Seriously, she’s been turning Japanese for most of her life.  I don’t know if we can find someone as talented (and frankly inexpensive, since we’d get the friend discount) if she is gone, though.  Either way, we’ll have to find someone to take photos on the day.  We will want some, of course, but I am not convinced I want to pay someone an amount nearly equal to our catering budget for them.   What we really need is a noob.

Anyway….these are my thoughts and issues at the moment.  We’ve decided that we’re not going to move to a new apartment this year (instead, we’ll be rearranging our current place to make it more organized and better decorated), so that takes a bit of pressure off us there.  We can devote more time to the planning, amid our reorganization projects.  Things will start gearing up over then next few months, I’m sure.  Stay tuned for many more posts in the coming weeks.

Next up:  a trip to West Marine for decoration supply scouting! (Mostly for rope, but maybe some props, too.)

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