well, poop.

The response to my inquiry about the house at Strawbridge Farm was this:

“Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, we are unable to host weddings at Marty’s Place due to septic, zoning and other considerations. We would be happy to have your wedding party or guests stay with us as long as the ceremony, other events and parties were held elsewhere. The maximum number of people who can be on the property at any given time is twelve. This includes any guests you might have.”

Oh well.

We weren’t sure if it would work there anyway….perhaps we can find something else similar?  I’m hoping to find something near Seattle, but it can be on Bainbridge, Whidbey, or Vashon Islands pretty easily.  Maybe even on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Port Gamble is way too expensive (you practically have to rent the whole town), but maybe Poulsbo?

I’ll be looking….


Just so this isn’t a total bummer post, here’s a look at the ribbon I had promised to show you.  I was so surprised to find it with all of our chosen colors….I’ve now bought 14 rolls of the stuff.  Hopefully I’ll figure out what to do with it!!!


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