This weekend Matt and I are going to look at one of the venues we’ve been eying for the wedding: the MV Skansonia.

Built in 1929

It’s an old ferry boat that’s permanently docked on the north shore of Lake Union.


Gorgeous photos have been taken here for weddings

Run by a catering company, so the food would be taken care of

No setup or cleanup (included in the gig)

Close to home

Decor is mostly done, and is theme-specific

60% of the wedding would be covered by this venue and booking price

It’s private, and we won’t have to deal with the general public (unlike a wedding at a park, or a hotel)


Kinda pricey, and everything extra would be more money per guest

Unoriginal (I’ve hear about a ton of people who’ve used it)

A little stuffy, less laid back

Less control over setup and decorations

Less control over food

Bad time blocks – for Saturday or Sunday, you have to have it between 11am-5pm or 6pm-12am (not good if I want a mid-afternoon ceremony)

I’d feel nickled and dimed over any slight deviations from the basic package

So, despite the reservations I have about the boat, we’re going to their open house this Saturday to at least see what they have to offer first hand.

If it doesn’t feel right, then we’ll know.

But I have been thinking about an alternative….maybe renting a private house with large grounds to have more of a big party where people can kick off their shoes and relax.  We’d keep the theme, and hopefully have a water view, but we could have an all day party instead of a block of time before or after someone else’s big day.

Here’s one I found that could work really well.  It’s on Whidbey Island, and if we get married over a weekend in early September, it would only be $300 per day.  Not bad!

A period house on Whidbey Island

What do you think?  We’d put a tent in the field from the bottom photo for the reception, get married in the gazebo, and use the whole grounds to set up games and areas for people to hang out.  We’d love to have it similar to the town party scene from Big Fish:

Stringed lights and kicked off shoes

I guess we’ll see this weekend…..I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to aVenue

  1. Mary says:

    I like the Whidbey Island idea better, myself. It’s just so much more open. More inviting. And the water views from Whidbey Island are waaaay prettier than Lake Union. That’s my two cents!

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      We agree….hopefully we can work something out for a place like this. I’ll post more about our Skansonia tour soon. =)

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