it’s been too long

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted.  Life has gotten in the way….

There really haven’t been too many new developments on the planning front since the last post, so I will post about something we’ve had pretty much locked in since before the engagement.  Our honeymoon!

The plan, if you don’t remember, is to have the ceremony and reception in Seattle in the summer of 2011.  We’re looking at early-mid August right now.  We then would fly to Boston around my 30th birthday (September 22) and have a second reception (albeit more low-key) in Matt’s hometown of East Bridgewater.  We’d leave for our honeymoon roadtrip from there, spending 2-3 weeks driving around New England and southeastern Canada.

Here’s the route:

Road Trip

New England and the Atlantic Provinces

Again, we’d start in Massachusetts, drive up to Bar Harbor, Maine, and take the Cat Ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  The Cat is a very cool ferry!


From Yarmouth, we’d drive along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia’s southern peninsula.  I read about this “Lighthouse Coastal Route” in a magazine and have been wanting to go ever since.

Sambro, Nova Scotia

We’d stay a night or two along the way and stop in Halifax to explore a little before heading across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island – Canada’s smallest province and the home of Anne Shirley, redhead heroine of my childhood.

Green Gables, PEI

We’ll make Charlottetown our home base and explore for a couple of days before heading back across the bridge to New Brunswick.

Confederation Bridge - NB to PEI

We’ll drive through New Brunswick (maybe back into Maine for a quick detour through Caribou to visit Matt’s friend Daniel’s mum) on our way to Quebec.  It’ll be pretty, I’m sure.

Acadia, New Brunswick

Then we’ll stay a few days in Quebec City, exploring, before heading to Montreal for a week of Quebequois fun.

Quebec City



Then we’ll drive back through Vermont during the first weeks of October, catching the fall colors and some maple syrup.  Then back to Seattle from Boston, to go through the tens of thousands of photos we will invariably take.  Maybe we’ll publish a photo book about it….

The road through Vermont

I just wish it were next week, instead of 2 years from now….

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